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The overall purpose of the action is to fill knowledge gaps about the causes and drivers of instability, including violent conflict, irregular migration, forced displacement at regional, national and local levels, capture lessons learned, generate evidence of impact, and feed this knowledge into operational, programming policy and political practice. Evidence will be used to inform a wide variety of stakeholders such as relevant government bodies, regional organisations, other donors, implementing partners and civil society. All REF research outputs are available on the SOAS University of London website:
Manchester University also collaborates to the Research and Evidence Facility

Main objectives

The specific objectives will be to collate, synthesize and disseminate the outcomes of existing and new research and evidence related to instability, irregular migration and forced displacement in the Horn of Africa; to communicate the outcomes of existing and new research and evidence to, and share knowledge amongst, all concerned stakeholders; and to strengthen the ability of key stakeholders to better use an evidence-based approach.

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Number of field studies, surveys and other research conducted


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School of Oriental and African Studies, University of London
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News & Stories

NEWS | 24 January 2019

Analyse des secteurs de la sécurité et de la justice au Sahel : une méthodologie développée pour le Fonds fiduciaire d’urgence, accessible en ligne

Depuis ses premiers pas, le Fonds fiduciaire d’urgence de l’Union européenne pour l’Afrique est attaché à baser son action sur des études documentées et des données factuelles. Afin d’avoir rapidement un impact sur les situations de crise auxquelles il entend répondre, trois choses sont primordiales : avoir une connaissance approfondie...

NEWS | 17 July 2018

Somalia: study shows that most people do not move for a single reason, but for a variety of factors

While insecurity and climate constraints were considered the main drivers, the search for a ‘better life’ was also a contributing cause, according to the study "Return and (Re) Integration after Displacement Belonging, Labelling and Livelihoods in Three Somali Cities".

Developed by the EU-funded Research and Evidence Facility (REF), the study...