Adoption date 15/12/2016

Facility on Sustainable and Dignified Return and Reintegration in support of the Khartoum Process

The project aims to facilitate orderly, safe, regular and responsible migration management through the development and implementation of rights-based, development-focused and sustainable return and reintegration policies and processes.

In May 2018, a top-up of €20 million was approved with to aid the Regional Facility on Dignified Return and Sustainable Reintegration in supporting the reintegration of returnees from the Central Mediterranean Route and EU Member States in particular.

An second top-up of €10 million was accepted in December 2019, to allow sustaining the provision of emergency protection, life-saving assistance, voluntary return and reintegration of vulnerable migrants – as well as the generation of migration data and capacity building activities – until mid-2021.

An additional top-up of €5.95 million to the action was finalised in July 2021, increasing the total EU contribution to €60.95 million. The additional funds aim to reinforce the core set of activities under the pillars of migration data, capacity building, assisted voluntary return and reintegration assistance (AVRR), as well as monitoring and evaluation.

Main objectives

The overall objective of the project is the following: to facilitate orderly, safe, regular and rights-based migration through the facilitation of dignified voluntary return and the implementation of development-focused and sustainable reintegration policies and processes.

The specific objectives are:
1. Partner countries and relevant stakeholders develop or strengthen evidence-based return and reintegration procedures.
2. Safe, humane, dignified voluntary return processes are enhanced along main migration routes.
3. Migrants' rights are promoted and returnees benefit from sustainable economic, social and psycho-social reintegration that also benefits communities.

EUTF contribution

  • EUR 60 950 000


This action in numbers

6 549
1.1 Number of direct jobs created or supported through EUTF-funded projects
2.1 bis Number of social infrastructures built and/or rehabilitated
1 889
3.7 Number of individuals trained on migration management and protection
5.3 Number of field studies, surveys and other research conducted
21 250
6.2 Number of people directly benefitting from COVID-19 emergency response activities
6.3 Number of entities benefitting from COVID-19 emergency response activities
4.6 Number of strategies, laws, policies and plans developed and / or directly supported
53 362
6.1 Number of COVID-19 pandemic-related supplies provided and/or distributed
5.2 Number of planning, monitoring, learning, data-collection and analysis systems set up, implemented and / or strengthened
3.6 Number of institutions and non-state actors strengthened through capacity building or operational support on protection and migration management
48 559
3.3 Number of (potential) migrants, reached by information campaigns on migration
7 845
3.5 Number of returning migrants benefitting from post-arrival assistance
13 091
3.5 bis Number of returning migrants benefitting from reintegration assistance
6 325
3.4 Number of voluntary returns supported


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International Organization for Migration
EUR 25 000 000