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Better Migration Management Programme


The overall objective is to improve migration management in the region, and in particular to curb the trafficking of human beings and the smuggling of migrants within and from the Horn. Tackling this problem only at a national level would simply risk displacing the existing smuggling/trafficking routes: this project will therefore target the entire region, while taking into account country-specific needs and issues.
The programme is co-funded by the BMZ with EUR 6 million

Main objectives

The specific objectives are:
(I) To support national authorities to develop, enact and eventually implement policies, laws, institutional frameworks and procedures for better migration and border management, including on the fight against trafficking in human beings and smuggling of migrants, in accordance with the relevant international conventions and standards9, and promoting harmonisation and exchange of best practices in these areas.
(II) To strengthen the capacity of all institutions and agencies responsible for migration and border management (such as front-line officials, law enforcement officers, or judicial bodies) notably by training and technical assistance, by improving procedures for investigating and prosecuting cases of trafficking in human beings and smuggling of migrants; by improving data collection and promoting sharing of information; by supplying government offices and border management posts with essential tools and equipment, and possibly with infrastructure development; by promoting improved coordination between different institutions and agencies involved.
(III) To identify, assist and provide protection for victims of trafficking in human beings and vulnerable smuggled migrants, especially women and children and other vulnerable groups.
(IV) To raise awareness of the dangers of irregular migration and the benefits of alternative options.

Adoption date
EUTF contribution
EUR 40 000 000
Djibouti, Eritrea, Kenya, South Sudan, Sudan, Somalia, Uganda, Ethiopia
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This action in numbers

Number of people assisted to develop economic income-generating activities
Number of Institutions (National and local) and Non-State actors directly supported through capacity building on migration management
10 694
Number of migrants, or potential migrants, reached out by information campaign on migration and risks linked to irregular migration
Number of voluntary returns or humanitarian repatriation supported
8 583
Number of migrants in transit and forcibly displaced people protected or assisted
Number of border stations supported to strengthen border control
Number of social infrastructure built or rehabilitated
1 945
Number of individuals trained on migration management
Number of cross-border cooperation initiatives created / launched or supported
Number of strategies, policies and plans developed and / or directly supported
Number of staff from governmental institutions, internal security forces and relevant non-state actors trained on security, border management, CVE, conflict prevention, protection of civilian populations and human rights
Number of returning migrants benefiting from reintegration assistance


News & Stories

NEWS | 08 May 2019

Ethiopia: Memorandum of Understanding for assistance and protection of victims of human trafficking and vulnerable migrants signed in Amhara

“Improved coordination between public agencies and service providers is crucial for the protection of trafficked persons and vulnerable migrants in Amhara Regional State. This Memorandum of Understanding is the right starting point for a continued endeavour”, Mulunesh Abebe Alebachew, Head of the Amhara Bureau of Labour and Social Affairs (BoLSA),...

NEWS | 21 February 2019

Horn of Africa: Better Migration Management (BMM) creates platform to better link victims of trafficking to different support services

Few organisations have the capacity to provide all the services that a victim of trafficking may need, such as shelter, emergency medical care, legal assistance, short term financial assistance, family tracing, skills training, and psychosocial support. In order to close this gap, the Better Migration Management (BMM) Programme is funding the first...

Cabinet Secretary Fred Matiang’i of the Kenyan the Institute of Migration Studies (KIMS) announced that it will become “the regional go-to place”. GIZ
NEWS | 14 December 2018

EUTF – through the Better Migration Management programme – launches Kenya Institute of Migration Studies and post-graduation for migration officers from all IGAD member states

The Government of Kenya and the European Union officially launched the Kenya Institute of Migration Studies (KIMS) together with representatives from GIZ, IOM, European and Regional embassies at the University of Nairobi on 11 December 2018.

The KIMS is the regional centre of excellence for migration studies, affiliated with the...

NEWS | 06 November 2018

"I learned that I can work hard in my own country and be successful" - after four years in Libya, Shukrya is now rebuilding her life back home in Ethiopia

 “One of my main goals when I decided to migrate was the opportunity to change my life and that of my family,” twenty-seven-year-old Shukrya says. “However, once you leave your country, things are not as you imagined them to be. And, in my case, nothing turned out as planned.”