Our work in the Horn of Africa covers nine countries: Djibouti, Eritrea, Ethiopia, Kenya, Somalia, South Sudan, Sudan, Tanzania, and Uganda, as well as neighbouring countries in particular circumstances.

The Horn of Africa region faces challenges that go beyond country borders: climate change, forced displacement, demographic pressures, environmental stresses, various forms of conflict, trafficking of human beings and smuggling of migrants, as well as organised crime and violent extremism.  Our approach to address these challenges is geographically comprehensive and holistic, putting the region at the centre of our response. 

On some projects, we are working with the regional organisation IGAD (Intergovernmental Authority on Development), building on areas of work in which IGAD is active, such as durable solutions for refugees, peace and security and resilience building, and harmonisation of national policies and strategies.

Regional projects

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Cross-window projects

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News & Stories

Officials from Tanzania, Ethiopia, Kenya agree on common roadmap to address irregular migration
NEWS | 08 May 2019

Tanzania, Ethiopia, Kenya agree on common roadmap to address irregular migration

Evidence shows that many irregular migrants from the East and the Horn of Africa continue to use the ‘Southern Route’, hoping to reach South Africa. Migrants travelling this way often fall foul of immigration authorities for crossing without the requisite documents. 

Tanzania, Ethiopia and Kenya are both countries of origin...

NEWS | 04 March 2019

Horn of Africa results: Africa Trust Fund has provided skills training to more than 46,500 people and created more than 12,200 jobs

Thanks to the Africa Trust Fund in the Horn of Africa, 37,500 people have benefited from professional (TVET) and skills development trainings and more than 46,500 people (migrants in transit, children in mobility, IDPs and refugees) have been protected or assisted. In Ethiopia alone, 36,700 people received chemicals to render...

NEWS | 25 September 2018

Officials from Kenya, Ethiopia and Sudan attend training on human trafficking: "We established a network from the region which may be a starting point for future regional cooperation"

Thirteen participants from Kenyan, Ethiopian, and Sudanese police and investigation agencies attended a two-week course in Italy on “Trafficking in Human Beings”. On this occasion, Colonel Hamid Abdelshakor from Sudan said that "the training was a platform to showcase our work in this field and an opportunity to create a...

NEWS | 17 September 2018

IOM training for trainers in the Horn of Africa: teaching health professionals to better identify and aid victims of human trafficking

A young woman enters a local health clinic; her hands filled with blisters. She is accompanied by what, at first sight, seems to be a caring family member who will not leave her out of sight. While this could be an everyday situation, there is more to it than meets...