Adoption date 28/04/2016

Regional Development and Protection Programme in Kenya: Support to the Kalobeyei Development Programme

The overall objective of the action is to create an evidence-based, innovative and sustainable development and protection solution for refugees and host communities in Kalobeyei through the establishment of an integrated settlement area, in which refugees and the host community live together peacefully, have access to social services and develop economic ties to build sustainable livelihoods.
The action will cover parts of the preparatory phase as well as the first phase of the Kalobeyei Integrated Social and Economic Development Plan (KISEDP).

Main objectives

The specific objectives of the project are: (1) improved health standards for the population in Kalobeyei and surrounding areas; (2) increased food and nutrition security for host com-munities and refugees, as well as strengthened economic resilience and well-being; (3) increased school enrolment of children in Kalobeyei and surrounding communities according to educational standards; (4) improved child safety and wellbeing; and (5) increased social cohesion and reduced conflict over resources.

This action in numbers

1 176
Number of jobs created
44 534
Number of people assisted to develop economic income-generating activities
2 861
Number of people benefiting from professional trainings (TVET) and/or skills development
1 142
Number of people participating in conflict prevention and peace building activities
191 293
Number of people receiving basic social services
55 595
Number of people receiving nutrition assistance
26 211
Number of people receiving food-security related assistance
12 506
Hectares of land benefitting from improved agricultural management
Number of social infrastructure built or rehabilitated
Number of MSMEs created or supported
Number of job placements facilitated and/or supported
38 594
Number of people reached by information campaigns on resilience-building practices and basic rights
1 184
Number of staff from local authorities and basic service providers benefitting from capacity building for strengthening services delivery
42 545
Number of people having improved access to basic services
Number of strategies, policies and plans developed and / or directly supported
Number of multi-stakeholders groups and learning mechanisms formed and regularly gathering
Number of planning, monitoring, learning, data-collection and analysis tools set up, implemented and / or strengthened

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