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Situated in the centre of the Horn of Africa region, Ethiopia is the destination point for thousands of refugees as well as a country of transit and a source of, migrants seeking opportunities beyond its borders. We aim to create economic and employment opportunities, particularly for vulnerable people, through vocational training, access to micro-finance or by creating industrial parks. We support Ethiopia in addressing the long-term development and protection needs of refugees and their host communities, as well as in tackling root causes of instability and internally forced displacement.


Selected results*

29 547
Number of people assisted to develop economic income-generating activities

9 440
Number of jobs created

6 677
Number of people benefiting from professional trainings (TVET) and/or skills development

National projects

Total 12

Regional projects

Total 12

Cross-window projects

Total 4

News & Stories

The BMM has developed a booklet aimed at Ethiopian university students and young professionals who may be interested in continuing their education abroad. GIZ
NEWS | 20 November 2019

Ethiopia: BMM promotes legal and safe pathways to migration for students and young professionals by providing information on study abroad and scholarships

‘It was a great opportunity. By studying abroad through the Chevening scholarship I was able to specialise in the field I am most passionate about and built an invaluable network in Ethiopia and abroad’, Selam Mussie said. He is a Chevening scholarship alumna who studied gender and media at the...

Father and son reunion facilitated by EU-IOM Joint Initiative in Oromia, EthiopiaIOM
NEWS | 17 September 2019

Three stories of unaccompanied minors returning to Ethiopia

*By Wilson Johwa, Regional Communications Officer at IOM’s Regional Office for East and Horn of Africa in Nairobi

We set off early from Addis Ababa, on a mission to reunite unaccompanied minors with their families.
All of them are irregular migrants, teenagers, who have voluntarily returned to Ethiopia,...

For Hanna (23), like many other migrants before her, this dream did not work out as she had imagined.European Commission
NEWS | 11 July 2019

"I thought it would be easy money" – Ethiopian Hanna (23) is one of many victims of trafficking supported by Timret Le Hiwot Ethiopia and the BMM programme

My name is Hanna (real name withheld). I grew up in a small village in Ethiopia. When I got to high school, many of my friends were going to Saudi Arabia to earn money. I thought it would be easy money. All my friends said I could make good money...

Amhara regional state is one of the main source and transit areas of human trafficking and irregular migration in Ethiopia
NEWS | 08 May 2019

Ethiopia: Memorandum of Understanding for assistance and protection of victims of human trafficking and vulnerable migrants signed in Amhara

“Improved coordination between public agencies and service providers is crucial for the protection of trafficked persons and vulnerable migrants in Amhara Regional State. This Memorandum of Understanding is the right starting point for a continued endeavour”, Mulunesh Abebe Alebachew, Head of the Amhara Bureau of Labour and Social Affairs (BoLSA),...