Adoption date 17/04/2020

EU Support to the United Nations ‘One UN Response Plan to COVID-19 in Nigeria’

The European Union (EU), as well as other donors, will support the United Nations Development Programme (UNDP) to implement a ‘One UN Response Plan to COVID-19 in Nigeria’, with the objective to ensuring optimum care of the confirmed COVID-19 cases and contain further spread of the outbreak through an inclusive and nationally-owned COVID-19 response from a shared vision and a common strategy, based on the best international practice of similar processes in other countries. Its purpose is to coordinate and align collective efforts in partnership with the government, Civil Society Organisations (CSOs), private sector, international and national stakeholders with the aim to increase the availability, accessibility, affordability, adaptability and acceptability of COVID-19 response services in Nigeria. This is in recognition that a collaborative engagement is urgently required to amplify Government’s efforts to respond to COVID-19 given the multifaceted nature of the crisis and the potentially unprecedented implications to socioeconomic conditions in an already complex Humanitarian-Development-Peace (H-D-P) nexus context.

Main objectives

EUTF contribution

  • EUR 50 000 000


This action in numbers

131,38 M
2.7 Number of people reached by sensitisation campaigns on resilience-building practices and basic rights
35 468
2.9 Number of people having improved access to basic social benefits (services and transfers)
7 041
2.2 Number of basic social services delivered
6.3 Number of entities benefitting from COVID-19 emergency response activities
4.6 Number of strategies, laws, policies and plans developed and / or directly supported
11,13 M
6.1 Number of COVID-19 pandemic-related supplies provided and/or distributed
5.1 Number of multi-stakeholder groups and learning mechanisms formed and regularly gathering


Nordic International Support Foundation (NIS)
EUR 2 957 636

News & Stories

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Team Europe and the UN Hand-Over a Second Batch of Medical Supplies to the Nigerian Government to Further Enhance the COVID-19 Response

Team Europe and the United Nations have handed over the second consignment of medical supplies to the Government of Nigeria. This second consignment is part of the $22m procurement of essential medical supplies for the COVID-19 response, funded by the EU and endorsed by the Nigerian authorities in the framework...