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Building peace in Africa’s Mandera Triangle
NEWS | 07 December 2020

The RASMI project: Building peace in Africa’s Mandera Triangle

Communities in the Mandera Triangle region connecting Kenya, Somalia and Ethiopia have long endured conflict and political instability. With support from Pact's RASMI project, funded by the European Union Trust Fund for Africa, they are now leading their own efforts to manage conflict and build peace. 

NEWS | 06 August 2020

From Peace Champions to COVID-19 Champions: RASMI Boundary Partners’ Double-Duty Response to the Novel Coronavirus Pandemic in Mandera Triangle

With the goal of reducing conflicts and mitigating their impact, the EUTF-funded RASMI project works to enhance social capital and cohesion, strengthen peace structures, and ensure conflict sensitivity in efforts by private sector players. RASMI’s geographical reach extends from Mandera East, Rhamu and Banisa in Mandera County, Kenya, to Belet-Hawa,...

SEEK is engaging cooperatives and associations and has already procured their whole stock of soap
NEWS | 29 June 2020

Keeping it local: How the SEEK project (Ethiopia) has helped boost the local economy and contributed to peace in cross-border areas during COVID-19

The SELAM EKISIL (SEEK) project implemented by Pact and Peace and Development Centre (PDC) among other local NGOs, has contributed to peace and stability during the current crises by quickly recognizing the negative economic impact of COVID-19. 

In an effort to prevent the spread of COVID-19, the Ethiopian...

Pact's Selam Ekisil project supported the annual Tobong’u Lore cultural festival in Lodwar, Turkana, to help foster peace, prosperity and local development in the border region, which historically has been beset by conflict and insecurity.
NEWS | 28 August 2019

How culture is supporting collaboration in cross-border communities between Kenya and Ethiopia: "Tobong’u Lore is not just a cultural festival. It helps to build trust and collaboration"

“This is not just a cultural festival, but one that unites culture together with peace and regional development," said Leslie Mitchell, Pact's Kenya country director. "Such initiatives need to be built upon, and with the support of the EU Cross-Border Programme, which is financed by the EUTF, and the respective...