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NEWS | 05 November 2018

East and Horn of Africa boarder agencies boost cooperation: joint patrols, more border crossing points and exchange of best practices

The East and Horn of Africa borders are some of the busiest in the world, as they cut across key migration routes to Europe and the Gulf countries. With different national priorities, cooperation is not always easy. Last week, border authorities from Djibouti, Ethiopia, Kenya, Somalia, Sudan, South Sudan, Uganda...

NEWS | 12 October 2018

GIZ trains police and legal officers to better identify and protect victims of trafficking in Sudan

Witnesses are essential for the success or failure of a case. When it comes to human trafficking, most of the victims are migrants who travel irregularly, without visa or papers, in search of a better job and life. Those that receive much-needed assistance and protection are more likely to cooperate with law enforcement, which can bring their perpetrators to justice.

Madagascar's Minister of Defence, General Xavier Béni Rasolofonirina at the BMM Maritime Security Conference. In the back: IOM Regional Director for East and Horn of Africa, Mr Jeffrey Labovtiz
NEWS | 03 October 2018

Representatives from East, Horn and Southern Africa discuss priority actions for regional maritime security

95% of all trade in the regions of East, Horn and Southern Africa goes through seaports and other maritime routes. Due to this high amount of incoming traffic, ports across Africa are vulnerable to transnational crime and smuggling. In this context, thirty-five national experts in the field of migration management...

NEWS | 25 September 2018

Mobile clinic and first-aid training: Have a look at how the Better Migration Management (BMM) programme is protecting migrants in Djibouti and Sudan

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The Better Migration Management (BMM) programme is protecting migrants and providing them with better medical care. The programme is funded by the EU Emergency Trust Fund for Africa by the...