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Lancement de Promopêche
NEWS | 21 September 2018

La pêche artisanale en Mauritanie : un secteur porteur qui pourrait permettre de créer 8000 emplois

Le Programme Promo Pêche, avec un budget de plus de 27 millions d’euros provenant dans sa majeure partie du Fonds fiduciaire d’urgence de l'Union européenne pour l’Afrique et d'une contribution de l’Allemagne, veut renforcer le secteur de la pêche artisanale et sa contribution à la création d’emplois décents pour les...

Members of the Kenyan delegation observe handmade products made by victims of trafficking as part of vocational training at the shelter
NEWS | 10 September 2018

On the way to opening its first state-run shelter for victims of human trafficking, Kenyan officials visit Jordan in search of best practices

When victims of human trafficking are rescued there is an immediate need to place them in a safe location, where they have a chance to heal and reintegrate into society. In Kenya, most temporary shelters are run by non-governmental organizations, with limited financial and human resources, unable to take in...

NEWS | 04 September 2018

"Once we are working together, we achieve greater results as border operators” Head of Kenya's Border Management Secretariat (BMS) said at training for coordinated border management

“One of our main challenges in the field of border management is sharing information among various agencies. This kind of training is very effective to strengthen communication”, Mr. Mathew Yegon, an officer from Kilindini Border Management Committee (BMC) stated after the training in Ukunda, Kenya. The training, supported by the...

Sudanese officials from the relevant ministries followed an operation of the Kenyan National Coordination Mechanism in Namanga, at the border with Tanzania
NEWS | 29 August 2018

On its way to setting up a National Coordination System for better migration Sudan benefits from Kenyan example

Kenya has been operating a successful National Coordination Mechanism (NCM) system since July 2016 and it is considered among the best in the Horn of Africa and East Africa as a whole. Hence, the Sudanese government, as part of its process of establishing its own NCM, visited Kenya to draw...