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Harriet Juru now makes a living from her pastries© Tumuhairwe Diana Sharone/GIZ
STORY | 04 March 2022

Creating new opportunities for refugees through TVET

The smell of freshly baked muffins will lead you to Keguru town’s only baker. There you will be pleasantly welcomed by a serenely smiling Harriet Juru. The 26-year-old mother of three is a resident of Keguru town in Palorinya refugee settlement, and the most popular business...

Jennifer Dudu at her fish stall in Ofua 3 market, Rhino camp ©Tumuhairwe Diana Sharone/GIZ
NEWS | 23 June 2021

Keeping refugees hope alive thanks to saving groups

In Uganda, the “Response to Increased Demand on Government Services and Creation of Economic Opportunities (RISE)” project supports farmer groups through the Village Saving and Loans Associations (VSLA) approach to enable greater resilience and self-reliance among both refugee and host communities.


For several decades, access to clean safe drinking water was a nightmare for the community members of Abore village in Somalia.BORESHA
NEWS | 21 September 2020

How the BORESHA programme is supporting access to water in cross-border regions in the Horn of Africa

By Maslah Mumin | BORESHA Project - "The long journey for water"

Issack Liban is a 56-year-old chief from Abore village in Gedo Region of Somalia who has worked tirelessly to lobby for the construction of a water reservoir for his village. For vulnerable and conflict-affected populations residing...

Using Radio for Community Sensitization on COVID-19EU
NEWS | 20 July 2020

Horn of Africa: Using radio to reach remote cross-border communities, to share and discuss reliable information on COVID-19

By Maslah Mumin | BORESHA Project

In the age of Internet, cell phone and television, radio remains a powerful way for people to connect, learn and discuss issues. Sometimes it is overlooked as a communication tool, however, radio plays a key role in isolated communities across the world,...