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STORY | 17 September 2021

Unpredictable rains mean subsistence farmers need a new approach - and improved market

One impact of climate change in central Ghana is the increasingly unpredictability of annual rains, robbing 43-year old subsistence farmer Boatemaa Aminatu and her six children of a reliable income and forcing them to rely on the goodwill of neighbours. However, Ms Aminatu hopes a new cash for work initiative...

Climate-proofed adaptation_Meliama SulemanaUNCDF
STORY | 29 July 2021

Climate-proofed adaptation revitalizes a local economy and empowers women in Ghana

Climate change and unpredictable flooding makes the river in Mframafaw periodically impassable. It is a huge problem for farmer Meliama Sulemana and her seven children, cutting them off from the nearby school and market where she sells her produce. After consultations with the local community, the GrEEn project is constructing...