State of Play and Financial resources

Resources currently allocated to the EU Trust Fund for Africa amount to EUR 4.09 billion including EUR 3.7 billion from the European Development Fund (EDF) and EU financial instruments including DCI, ENI, HOME and ECHO funding. EU Member States and other donors (Switzerland and Norway) have contributed EUR 442 million, of which EUR 410 million have been paid so far.

Figures on EU and other donors' contributions are updated on a monthly basis. Last updated 16/10/2018

EU MS and other donors contributions (pledged and received)

EU Contributions

State of implementation

Window Approved amount Contracted amount Paid amount
Horn of Africa 1141.3 705 278
North of Africa 467.1 267 106
Sahel and Lake Chad region 1549 1078 502


10 3
Grand total* 3157.4** 2060 889
* All figures in this table have been rounded
** This includes 4 cross-window programmes for a total value of EUR 145.1 million

Figures on the state of implementation of the EUTF for Africa are updated on a bi-monthly weekly basis. Last updated 16/10/2018