Q: Are there specific country or thematic allocations?

A: Since the EU Emergency Trust Fund for Africa (EUTF for Africa) is an implementing tool operating under flexible procedures, there are no specific countries or thematic allocations in order to allow programmes to respond to the evolving migratory or conflict dynamics in each region.


Q: What is the added value of the EUTF for Africa?

A: The EUTF for Africa (i) ensures a more integrated and coordinated response to the different drivers and dynamics of irregular migration; (ii) is an implementing tool delivering at a faster pace than other instruments; (iii) allows for a platform for reinforced political dialogue between the EU and African partner countries; (iv) allows to pool together experience, knowledge and financial resources from different stakeholders; and (v) complements existing EU efforts to tackle the root causes of irregular migration and forced displacement.


Q: What are the eligibility criteria for programmes funded under the EUTF for Africa?

A:  In evaluating programme proposals, Managers consider a number of criteria including (i) the adherence to the strategic framework of the EUTF for Africa, (ii) the design of the proposed programme, (iii) the relevance, feasibility, sustainability and cost-effectiveness of the proposal; and (iv) the operational and financial capacity of the applicant.


Q: How are programmes attributed to implementers?

A: The EUTF for Africa is a politically sensitive implementing tool which requires a great level of flexibility. There no specific criteria for the attribution of newly approved programmes to implementing entities. Managers and EU Delegations select the most appropriate implementer based on the nature of the programme and the level of knowledge and experience required to implement any given programme or component of a programme. More than one implementer may be selected for each programme.


Q: Can civil society actors submit proposals?

A: Civil society organizations (CSOs) and eligible to apply through calls of proposals and calls for expression of interest which are normally published on the EUTF for Africa website. CSOs can play a key role in the conception and implementation of programmes and are welcome to share their analyses and research findings and to participate in consultations and information sessions organized by the EUTF for Africa teams.


Q: What are the mechanisms set in place to ensure effective monitoring and evaluation of actions funded under the EUTF?

A: The regional teams of the EUTF for Africa are using a common monitoring platform, Akvo – Really Simple Reporting (RSR) - which centralizes all projects and log frames and favours their monitoring and reporting. Moreover, regional teams  have developed and agreed on a list of macro-indicators which will be aggregated in the Akvo-RSR platform and the website.

The EUTF for Africa will benefit from a Commission/DEVCO Monitoring & Evaluation tool – Results Oriented Monitoring (ROM) - to undertake over 35 monitoring and evaluation missions starting from the end of 2017.


Q: Is information about funding opportunities publicly available?

A: Interested partners are invited to periodically consult the website to be updated on the upcoming funding opportunities. Such information shall also be made available on the website of the relevant EU Delegations.