World Refugee Day: the EU remains committed to supporting the most vulnerable

| 22 June 2021

Since the beginning of 2021, the EUTF is supporting a child protection programme with its partner UNHCR with the aim to improve the protection and expand access to durable solutions for refugee unaccompanied and separated children in Libya an Egypt. It aims to reduce risks associated with secondary movement, trafficking and smuggling of children through comprehensive child protection interventions, including family reunification.

On the World Refugee Day, let us introduce a mother and father and their child who were finally reunited at the Brussels airport in Belgium after nearly four years of separation. The parents and child were previously evacuated from Libya to the Emergency Transit Mechanisms (ETMs) in Niger and Rwanda.

Since 2015, the EU Emergency Trust Fund for Africa has helped thousands of refugees and vulnerable people in North Africa and remains committed to supporting them.

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