"Droughts ruin everything. It ruins our finances. It ruins our lives"

NEWS | 13 March 2018

"Droughts ruin everything. It ruins our finances. It ruins our lives." says Asres Negash from Sekota, Ethiopia. The life of this single mother changed after being part of the EU Resilience Building and Creation of Economic Opportunities in Ethiopia (RESET II) programme. "I wake up early in the morning, wash up and go to work. There is not a moment to relax all day." continues Asres.

Living near to the recently renovated road, her restaurant benefits from many passers-by. "Don't ever think that what you've got is too little to work with. You can start with what you've got." advises confidently Asres.

After joining the savings and credit group, her situation improves immensely. "We are twenty women. If anyone of us needs something, she tells the group, and we provide her with the money." explains Asres Thanks to the EU support, Asres managed to graduate from the government's Productive Safety Net programme. "The aim is to work and change our situation. Even if it's a small amount of money, instead of spending it, we can save it and work with it."

Watch the video:

/trustfundforafrica/file/hoaetreset-ii-programmebeneficiary3asresnegashmp4_enHoA_ET_RESET II Programme_beneficiary3_asres_negash.mp4

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