Our mission

The European Union Emergency Trust Fund for stability and addressing root causes of irregular migration and displaced persons in Africa (EUTF for Africa) aims to foster stability and to contribute to better migration management, including by addressing the root causes of destabilisation, forced displacement and irregular migration.

We implement activities across three regions of Africa – the Sahel and Lake Chad, the Horn of Africa and North Africa.

We work with twenty six partner countries, which are facing growing challenges in terms of demographic pressure, extreme poverty, weak social and economic infrastructure, internal tensions and institutional weaknesses, insufficient resilience to food crises and environmental stress.

The consequences of such complex challenges are hugely varied and interconnected. Among others, they include open conflict, forced displacement, irregular migration, criminal activities and lawlessness, smuggling of migrants and trafficking in human beings, radicalisation and violent extremism.

As detailed in our factsheet, we focus on:

  • Economic development programmes addressing skills gaps, and improving employability through vocational training, and supporting job creation and self -employment opportunities with a focus on strengthening micro, small and medium size enterprises (MSMEs)
  • Strengthening resilience for improved food and nutrition security, in particular for the most vulnerable, as well as refugees and IDPs
  • Improving migration governance and management, including addressing the drivers of irregular migration, effective return, readmission and reintegration, international protection and asylum, legal migration and mobility, and enhancing synergies between migration and development​
  • Supporting improvements in overall governance, in particular by promoting conflict prevention, addressing human rights abuses and enforcing the rule of law


Selected targets*

3.3 Bn
EUR pledged

188 489
Number of jobs created

5 470 K
Number of people receiving basic social services

151 032
Number of migrants in transit and forcibly displaced people protected or assisted

135 016
Number of people participating in conflict prevention and peace building activities

News & Stories

Nafisa having a MUAC follow up monitoring at her home in Hanano Incubator Location
NEWS | 14 February 2018

EUTF addresses emergency situation of displaced in South West State of Somalia

The EIDACS project, with funding from the European Union Emergency Trust Fund for Africa, aims to promote durable solutions for displaced people and their host communities in South West State of Somalia. The project is, among other things, providing capacity building for local Community Health Workers to identify common health...

Mahamat Saleh Hissein, animateur du PRCPT
NEWS | 13 February 2018

Mahamat Saleh Hissein, animateur du PRCPT au Tchad dans le canton de Koloye

"Être animateur, c'est avant tout avoir le soucis de la communauté"

Arrivé à Adé en mars pour le projet, sa femme et ses deux enfants viennent de rejoindre Mahamat Saleh sur place, de quoi profiter un peu plus de la vie dans le chef-lieu du canton Koloye. Mahamat Saleh se...

| 09 February 2018

Call for proposal: Caring for vulnerable children

The European Commission launches a call for proposal on "Quality Alternative Care for Children and De-Institutionalisation" with a worldwide dimension and a budget of EUR 13 million.

Applicants are requested to submit their proposal by 27 March 2018 (reference: EuropeAid/158557/DH/ACT/Multi).

Learn more about the call for proposal...

NEWS | 09 February 2018

Eritrean single mother finds refuge in Sudan

Shagarab I Camp, 24 January 2018 – Alganesh (40) fled her hometown in Eritrea with two of her children and only one bag on her shoulders. She did not feel safe, after her husband and eldest son were arrested for being members of a banned social group. “I left to...

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