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Urban Mobility Package

Urban Mobility Package

Cities are home to over 70 % of the EU population and account for some 85 % of the Union's GDP. Most journeys begin and end in cities. In many urban areas, however, increasing demand for urban mobility has created a situation that is not sustainable: severe congestion, poor air quality, noise emissions and high levels of CO2 emissions. Urban congestion jeopardises EU goals for a competitive and resource-efficient transport system.

With the Urban Mobility Package, the Commission reinforces its supporting measures in the area of urban transport by:

  • Sharing experiences, show-casing best practices, and fostering cooperation
  • Providing targeted financial support,
  • Focusing research and innovation on delivering solutions for urban mobility challenges,
  • Involving the Member States and enhance international cooperation.

The central element of the Urban Mobility Package is the Communication "Together towards competitive and resource efficient urban mobility". It is complemented by an annex that sets out the concept of Sustainable Urban Mobility Plans, as well as four Staff Working Documents on urban logistics , urban access regulations , deployment of Intelligent Transport System solutions in urban areas, and urban road safety.