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2.3 Bicycle maintenance and repair facilities

2.3 Bicycle maintenance and repair facilities

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Bicycle maintenance and repair facilities add to the comfort and safety of cyclists. Differing levels of provision can be given, from self-service options like simple air pumps to more complex offerings, including service and repair of bicycles by professionals.

Considerations for applicability

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Level of cycling

The level of cycling within a city is likely to influence the desired provision of bicycle maintenance and repair facilities, including location.

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Urban layout/topography

Maintenance and repair facilities such as air pumps could be of higher significance to cities with hilly topography.

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Publicly available services, such as air pumps and repair services, could increase the level of comfort of people cycling who are not familiar with the city.

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Finance Resources

Air pumps are a low-cost measure, whereas self-service stations are more costly. Simple self-serve stations need to be tendered, purchased and installed. Maintenance of equipment could be undertaken by existing road maintenance teams, the regulatory authorities or parking space enforcers.

Larger repair and maintenance facilities are relatively more expensive to plan and implement and may require significant ongoing costs to cover the staffing. However, these services are often offered by clubs or private companies (e.g. Bicycle Kitchen) and so the city may not incur any costs.

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Time & Human Resources

Installation of simple self-service repair stations can be relatively quick and require only occasional ongoing maintenance. Larger self-service and staffed facilities can require more time to plan and install, and more significant ongoing human resource requirements for staffing.  

Measure impact highlight

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The primary impact of maintenance and repair facilities is the creation of a positive environment for cyclists and the associated improved perception of cycling to city inhabitants. The provision of repair and maintenance facilities may be interpreted as a sign of support from the city for cycling.

Note: An overview of the direct and indirect impacts resulting from correctly implemented cycling measures is available in Challenges that cities face and how cycling can address them

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