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Rail and urban passenger transport security

Rail and urban passenger transport security

Rail and urban passenger transport security
Consultation period: 

Rail and urban passenger transport security

Consultation period: 17/03/2006 - 15/04/2006

Objectives of the consultation

The public consultation was published on the Commission website and sent out in 2006 to collect the views of the Member States, professional associations and other interested parties as to the feasibility of an exchange of information and experience to ensure real and effective cooperation on a European Union scale.

A total of 30 responses were received, 14 from Member States, 5 from individual transport operators and 11 from associations representing public transport stakeholders at the national or international level. The replies from the three groups of Member States, enterprises and organisations were almost identical.

The key responses can be summarized as follows:

  • The threat of terrorism is considered a common phenomenon
  • All three groups of respondents support and want to contribute to an exchange at EU level.
  • There is a strong support for holding meetings at technical and political level between Member State representatives (counter-terrorism bodies, police, etc.), transport operators and other stakeholders. Special attention must be given to the handling of sensitive information.
  • There is a wish to separate discussions between railway and other public transport modes due to the different technical and operational specifications. At the same time close collaboration must be pursued to ensure a coherent approach.
  • The exchange should be separated into both smaller dedicated technical expert working groups as well as open conferences for cross-fertilization of results and dissemination.
  • There is a wish to discuss current and future security measures. The focus should be on preventive measures and on crisis management.
  • A coordinating National Contact Point should be established in all Member States.