Mobility and Transport

Security & Safety



Technological research and development have an important part to play in stepping up protection against terrorist attacks on transport and energy systems. Conventional means alone will not serve to protect the many networks that criss-cross the whole of Europe.

Resources will have to be developed which apply the progress made in the field of information and communications technologies. New technologies will need to be developed, such as sensors to detect biological agents, and existing technologies adapted to security needs. Along with research aimed at excellence and the development of technologically innovative processes, room will have to be made for research on the development of simple, low-cost, easily applied solutions so as not to focus on finding sophisticated solutions which might be suitable for use only on parts of networks.

The recent attacks have also shown that new technologies and means of communication can be diverted from their intended use and used as weapons. Researchers and innovative companies will have to adopt a more vigilant stance, especially in the fields of transport and energy, to try to minimise all scope for the diverted use of new products and make them less vulnerable.

Systematic use will be made of space technology (the European programmes Egnos, Galileo and GMES) for the positioning of mobiles and the observation and communication of information, and of the encryption techniques needed to ensure the confidentiality of data. The systems they use will themselves have to be protected.