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The European Transport Innovation Challenge - Apply

The European Transport Innovation Challenge - Apply

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Application form

Please answer all questions in English.

Your application may be rejected if you do not answer every question, but only Section 2 counts towards winning.

Section I - Who are you?

An individual aged 18 or over and 35 or under on 18 June 2017
A team, e.g. students
A company (SME1)
An educational institution
A public sector organisation
Other (please specify)

Alternative fuels
Smart mobility and services
Connected and automated transport
Network and traffic management
Vehicle design and manufacturing
Incorporated Infrastructure
Other (Please specify)

By entering this challenge, we understand that I/one member of our team/staff must be available to travel to Strasbourg on Sunday 18 June 2017 and attend the ITS European Congress on June 19-21, 2017.

Section II – Your entry

Evaluation criterion 1: Quality of your pitch (<10 points)

Evaluation criterion 2: Degree of innovation (<50 points)

Evaluation criterion 3: Impact (<20 points)

Evaluation criterion 4: Implementation (<20 points)

Section III – You and the contest

European Commission website
European Commission newsletter
Challenge flyer/postcards
Other Twitter account
Other (please specify)

I am looking for help in developing/implementing my idea
Alternative fuels
I would like to raise the profile of my idea
I am looking for partners
I want to apply my knowledge and skills to a new context
I want to improve my knowledge and skills in this area
I am passionate about green transport solutions
I am interested in the EU’s work on transport
Other (Please specify)

Less than 6 months
7-12 months
1-3 years
4 years or more

By ticking this box, I understand that I am agreeing to the terms and conditions of the contest.

Please fill in all the fields.

2 For entries not from an individual, please provide the name of the designated representative of the project. This does not have to be the person travelling to the ITS Europe conference in Strasbourg for the award. This may be only one (1) person, who must be aged 18 or over and 35 or under on 18 June 2017.