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Passenger rights

Passenger rights

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Why passengers' rights matter

The EU is the only area in the world where citizens are protected by a full set of passenger rights - whether they travel by air, rail, ship, bus and coach.

Europe has experienced a boom in mobility over the last thirty years. Community legislation has therefore been introduced for all modes of transport to protect passenger rights and ensure they are not lost in a myriad of national rules.



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Consumer protection and passenger rights


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Notice to stakeholders - Withdrawal of the United Kingdom and EU rules on consumer protection and passenger rights

EU legislation and key documents

To protect citizens and support the Commission’s goal of a completing the internal market in products and services the EU has adopted rules covering:

Air passenger rights
Road passenger rights
Rail passenger rights
Maritime passenger rights
A European vision for Passengers [COM(2011)898 ]

Information for citizens

If you have experienced delays, cancellations, damaged luggage, or have special mobility needs visit the ‘Your Europe’ passenger rights website where you can find information and advice on your rights and how you can get a refund or compensation.

You can download the “Your Passenger Rights” app to your smartphone for free to check your rights immediately and on the spot. (Google AndroidiPhoneiPadWindows Phone).

Campaign information

You can find leaflets, posters, videos and all the information material on the passenger rights campaign pages.

You can receive and distribute passenger rights campaign material for free in any EU language by writing at

Enquiries and Complaints

Further information on how to exercise your rights:

Enquiry form for air passengers
Enquiry form for rail passengers
Enquiry form for other passenger rights (road, maritime)

If you wish to apply for a refund or compensation

For air passengers only, complaint forms are available here: EU Complaint form for air passengers. These complaints must be sent to the airline or competent National Enforcement Body, NOT to the European Commission.

Rail, bus and ship passengers' complaints should be directed to the carrier or company responsible. If this is unsuccessful, or you are not satisfied with the reply you received, then you can complain to the National Enforcement Body in the EU country where the incident took place.

PDF icon National Enforcement Bodies for rail transport

PDF icon National Enforcement Bodies for maritime transport

PDF icon National Enforcement Bodies for road transport

PDF icon National Enforcement Bodies for persons with reduced mobility travelling by air transport