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Promotion of multimodal journey planners

Promotion of multimodal journey planners

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Multi-modal travel planning is a key element of Intelligent Transport Systems (ITS) deployment. It provides the European traveller with comprehensive door-to-door information allowing for well-informed travel decisions. It seamlessly integrates information for different modes, based on a strong backbone of rail and local public transport.

A key pillar of the ITS Action Plan is the optimal use of travel and traffic data to foster multimodal travel, which is a key part of the European Commission’s strategy for the future of transport. One specific action, 1.5, is related to the Promotion of multi-modal journey planners.

In 2011, the European Commission completed a study "Towards a European Multimodal Journey Planner", which aimed at supporting the development of national and regional multimodal journey planners, and links between the existing planners, with the ultimate target of enabling travellers to use door-to-door journey planning services at European level. This study was also a first step towards the preparation of functional, technical, organisational and service provision specifications in the domain of EU-wide multimodal information services that will be elaborated under the ITS Directive until the end of 2014.