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Access to Traffic and Travel data – Universal Traffic Information

Access to Traffic and Travel data – Universal Traffic Information

Access to Traffic and Travel data – Universal Traffic Information
Consultation period: 

Access to Traffic and Travel data – Universal Traffic Information

Consultation period: 26/04/2010 – 18/06/2010


Report on Consultation Results (December 2010)

StudyGuaranteed access to traffic and travel data and free provision of universal traffic information (March 2011)

Scope and objectives

The objective of this questionnaire is to collect information across the EU on the status of traffic and travel information with regard to the following aspects:

  1. Traffic and travel data availability and access, co-operation and data exchange between public and private sector
  2. Definition of safety related traffic information and provision of free universal traffic information services

On 16 December 2008 the European Commission adopted an ITS Action Plan (COM/2008/886) for road transport and interfaces with other modes, especially public transport. Aim is to accelerate and coordinate the deployment of ITS applications. One of the action areas deals with the optimal use of road, travel and traffic data. The information from this consultation will support an on-going study in this field.

Specific objectives are:

  • Access to Traffic and Travel Data 
    • ensure a fair and transparent access to public traffic and travel related data
    • make private safety-related, traffic data available to public authorities
    • promote public-private co-operation to improve traffic and travel information
    • increase data quality and improve multi-modal co-operation
    • encourage (cross-border) data exchange
  • Universal Minimum Service 
    • ensure free minimum traffic services for all travellers
    • harmonise a Europe-wide free minimum service
    • develop suitable organisational models

Target groups

This consultation is for specialists from national, regional and local road and public transport authorities, public and private service providers, public transport operators and other organisations working with traffic and travel data. Although it is done via a publicly accessible website, we do not seek answers from the general public.

Important remarks

The consultation is being launched only in electronic form via the interactive policy-making tool .

The questionnaire contains 18 questions, most of them being open-ended questions. Please be informed that if interrupted or left 90 minutes inactive, your contribution will not be saved. Consequently you are strongly advised to prepare in advance your contribution before copying them into the questionnaire online.

As part of the European Transparency Initiative, organisations are invited to use the Register of interest representatives to provide the European Commission and the public with information about their objectives, funding and structures. If not yet registered, please visit the Register of Interest Representatives to do so.

Contributions received in reply to the consultation will be handled by a consultant and used by the Commission services; a summary of the consultation results will be published here on the Commission website.

Contact details

Directorate-General for Mobility and Transport (DG MOVE)
Unit B4 - Clean Transport, Urban Transport & Intelligent transport systems