Mobility and Transport

TEN-T Review

TEN-T Review

The Trans-European Transport Network (TEN-T) policy supports and symbolises connectivity and accessibility for all regions of the Union. Through several revisions, the policy has coped with growing transport demand, geo-political developments (several EU enlargements) and evolving transport policy challenges (e.g. liberalisation, standardisation, technological innovation). The time has come for further reflection.

Why an evaluation?

Transport in Europe is facing unprecedented challenges, namely with regard to sustainability, user-driven mobility and technological progress. These challenges call for new solutions. TEN-T policy must keep up with and even second-guess developments to ensure a future-oriented, sustainable transport system, which is why it is currently being reviewed.

Note: the scope of this evaluation does not include concrete network planning, nor EU funding programmes. During the evaluation process, stakeholders are therefore invited to focus their contributions on questions of methodology and policy aspects.

The consultation process

Open Public Consultation

The Commission started the TEN-T review process in April 2019 with an evaluation of the existing TEN-T Regulation together with an Open Public Consultation. This consultation took place between April and July 2019 and generated responses from more than 600 citizens and organisations. The individual responses to this consultation are published.

Targeted stakeholder consultation

Under the Commission's Better Regulation approach, a targeted stakeholder consultation has been launched on 16 January 2020. It addresses the broad range of stakeholders directly concerned by the shaping and implementing of TEN-T policy as well as by the use of TEN-T infrastructure. The scope of this consultation is more tailored to issues of importance to such stakeholder communities. Contributions from concerned stakeholders are expected to complement the Open Public Consultation effectively.

This consultation builds on an online survey.


Stakeholder workshops will be organised on specific themes during the first months of 2020. First results of the overall evaluation will be presented at the TEN-T Days in May 2020. The results of the evaluation are expected by mid-2020.

What happens after the evaluation?

In line with the Action Plan included in the Commission’s Communication on the European Green Deal, a proposal for a revision of the TEN-T Regulation is planned in 2021.