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Priority projects

Priority projects

From the start, the TEN-T Guidelines included priority projects: those projects having particular importance and of a significant size. They were extended at the time of the EU’s 2004 enlargement to reflect Europe’s changed geographical space.

There were 30 priority projects which occupied a central position in EU initiatives:

  • They have received a significant share of available TEN-T funding and have also been major Cohesion Fund recipients;
  • European Coordinators (designated in 2005) for the most complex of these projects, have opened up a new quality of cross-border cooperation to advance these projects
  • European Institutions as well as stakeholders have taken strong interest in the progressing of these projects and, thereby, also created an important political momentum. 

The priority projects focus clearly on the need for sustainability, with 18 of them related to rail, 3 for mixed rail-road and 2 for inland waterways. The "Motorways of the Sea" initiative, which is vital for reducing the negative environmental effects of freight transport, entered the TEN-T policy as a priority project. Europe's global satellite navigation system, Galileo,  took shape as a TEN-T priority project. Some priority projects have been completed. Others, given their complexity, are only partially operational while the work on other sections remains to be completed.

The priority projects today form integral parts of the core network corridors, as the policy focus shifts away from a disconnected set of projects to a more integrated approach.

The 30 Priority Projects are:

PP1 Railway axis Berlin-Verona/Milano-Bologna-Napoli-Messina-Palermo

PP2 High-speed railway axis Paris-Bruxelles/Brussel-Köln-Amsterdam-London: PBKAL

PP3 High-speed railway axis of southwest Europe

PP4 High-speed railway axis east

PP5 Betuwe line: COMPLETED IN 2007

PP6 Railway axis Lyon-Trieste-Divaca/Koper-Divaca-Ljubljana-Budapest-Ukrainian border

PP7 Motorway axis Igoumenitsa/Patra-Athina-Sofia-Budapest

PP8 Multimodal axis Portugal/Spain-rest of Europe

PP9 Railway axis Cork–Dublin–Belfast–Stranraer: COMPLETED IN 2001

PP10 Malpensa airport: COMPLETED IN 2001

PP11 Øresund bridge: COMPLETED IN 2000

PP12 Nordic Triangle railway/road axis

PP13 Road axis United Kingdom/Ireland/Benelux

PP14 West coast main line: COMPLETED IN 2009

PP15 Galileo

PP16 Freight railway axis Sines/Algeciras-Madrid-Paris

PP17 Railway axis Paris-Strasbourg-Stuttgart-Wien-Bratislava

PP18 Waterway axis Rhine/Meuse-Main-Danube

PP19 High-speed rail interoperability in the Iberian Peninsula

PP20 Railway axis Fehmarn belt

PP21 Motorways of the Sea

PP22 Railway axis Athina–Sofia–Budapest–Wien–Praha–Nürnberg/Dresden

PP23 Railway axis Gdansk-Warszawa-Brno/Bratislava-Wien

PP24 Railway axis Lyon/Genova-Basel-Duisburg-Rotterdam/Antwerpen

PP25 Motorway axis Gdansk-Brno/Bratislava-Vienna

PP26 Railway/road axis Ireland/United Kingdom/continental Europe

PP27 "Rail Baltica" axis: Warszawa-Kaunas-Riga-Tallinn-Helsinki

PP28 "Eurocaprail" on the Brussels-Luxembourg-Strasbourg railway axis

PP29 Railway axis of the Ionian/Adriatic intermodal corridor

PP30 Inland Waterway Seine-Scheldt

The status of the implementation of the priority projects as of November 2012 is available here .