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Policy Review

Policy Review

The Green Paper "Towards a better integrated trans-European transport network at the service of the common transport policy" published in February 2009 opened the TEN-T policy review process. Stakeholders as well as European Institutions and Consultative Bodies broadly welcomed the review and the approach proposed.

In order to support its analysis of specific issues identified or reconfirmed in the Green Paper process, the European Commission created six expert groups, bringing together experienced specialists representing relevant fields:

The results of these groups' work were taken into account in a second consultation document: "Consultation on the Future Trans-European Network " adopted by the European Commission on 4 May 2010.

Both documents generated a large number of contributions from a broad range of stakeholder groups. The yearly TEN-T conferences provided a forum to discuss issues related to the policy review.

The review process led to the new legislation on TEN-T policy, adopted in December 2013: the Guidelines and the CEF .