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Work programmes

Work programmes

Work Programmes

EU contributions towards the realisation of the Trans-European Transport Network (TEN-T) are detailed in Annual and Multi-Annual Work Programmes. The Work Programmes outline funding priorities and the total amount of financial support to be committed to each of the priorities in a given year.

The Commission Delegated Regulation (EU) 275/2014, which is currently being replaced, details the funding priorities which are to be included in either the Annual or Multi-Annual Work Programmes. The first programming year under the Connecting Europe Facility (CEF) was 2014.


Multi-Annual Work Programmes

Between 2014 and 2020, the bulk of the CEF’s EUR 24.05 billion financial envelope will be allocated through the Multi-Annual Work Programmes to support TEN-T projects in EU Member States.

The first Multi-Annual Work Programme (Commission implementing decision C (2014) 1921 and its annex) was adopted on 26 March 2014, with a financial envelope of EUR 11 billion. Calls for project proposals were published in September 2014.

Multi-Annual Work Programmes only cover projects that are either pre-identified in Annex I of the Connecting Europe Facility regulation, and/or contribute towards the implementation of Horizontal Priorities - Motorways of the Sea (MOS) and the European Rail Traffic Management System (ERTMS). These are mainly:

  • Cross-border projects (rail, inland waterway, road)
  • Projects that tackle bottlenecks (rail and inland waterway)
  • Port and airport connections
  • Multimodal logistics
  • MoS projects situated along the nine Core Network Corridors
  • Other Core Network projects (rail, inland waterway, cross-border road, ports)
  • Horizontal Priority projects that implement telematics applications for all modes such as:


  • Intelligent Transport systems (ITS)
  • European Rail Traffic Management System (ERTMS)
  • River Information Systems (RIS)
  • Vessel Traffic Monitoring and Information Systems (VTMIS)
  • Single European Sky - Air Traffic Management Programme (SESAR) 
  • New technologies and innovation
  • Multimodality, safety, security, e-infrastructures
  • Motorways of the Sea (MoS)


The primary logic behind the decision to focus such a high concentration of EU funds upon a limited group of projects is to improve efficiency and strengthen the visibility of the nine multimodal Core Network Corridors, which are the main traffic routes across the Union, strengthening the cross-border links and contributing to seamless transport systems.

The Multi-Annual Work Programmes also include programme supporting measures, designed to support the implementation of projects of common interest, which are defined as the 'Programme Support Actions'. They encompass the technical assistance programmes for Member States and their bodies, studies and technical and IT support to the programme.

To date, the following Work Programmes have been adopted:

  • Multi Annual Work Programme C (2016) 1921 of 26 March 2014: Calls for proposals and applications for Programme Support Actions, published September 2014
  • Annual Work Programme C (2016) 1919 of 26 March 2014: First annual call for proposals, published September 2014

Both calls led to the selection of projects and the signing of 263 grant agreements with beneficiaries for a total amount of EUR 12.8 billion:

  • Multi Annual Work Programme C (2015) 2192 of 8 April 2015: Focused upon new Programme Support Actions and consolidation of previous actions
  • Multi Annual Work Programme C (2015) 7358 of 30 October 2015: Second call for proposals, plus additional Programme Support Actions, published November, 2015

The second call for proposals resulted in the selection of 195 projects with an estimated total funding value of EUR 6.7 billion. Individual grant agreements with beneficiaries will be finalised in autumn 2016. The results of the second call and the selected projects are presented in the following brochure:

  • Multi Annual Work Programme C (2016) 1966 of 7 April 2016: New Programme Support Actions for the period 2016 to 2020, to support the implementation of projects of common interest. These act as precursors to the Core Network, scheduled for completion by 2030.


Annual Work Programmes

Annual Work Programmes will target projects that aim to improve transport flows at national level (described as the Comprehensive Network), projects that address transport infrastructure development, or shorter-term transport policy priorities. These include the reduction of rail freight noise, support for freight transport services, provision of transport connections between neighbouring countries, and support for specific synergetic areas, primarily between energy and ICT sectors, including projects related to transport telematics and innovation.

All implemented Annual and Multi-Annual Work Programmes can be found here.