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The Commission launches calls for project proposals for EU grant support on the basis of Annual and Multi-Annual Work Programmes, which describe objectives, funding priorities and the available budget for the calls.

The Commission proposes a list of projects to receive financial support and the amount of finance to be allocated per project on the basis of a competitive selection process and transparent award criteria.

The Commission's proposal is submitted to a committee (the Connecting Europe Facility Committee), consisting of representatives of Member States, for approval. Following approval by the Connecting Europe Facility Committee, the Innovation and Network Executive Agency (INEA) adopts individual grant agreements for each of the selected projects, detailing the conditions under which the EU funds will be distributed, including a set of milestones and deadlines to be reached.

The INEA assists the Commission in processing, evaluating and selecting the projects. It also helps to communicate calls for proposals, manages the funds once these are allocated to specific projects, and monitors implementation of projects.