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European coordinators

European coordinators

The European Commission nominated a European Coordinator for each of the nine core network corridors. It has also nominated European Coordinators for two horizontal priorities: the European Rail Traffic Management System (ERTMS) and Motorways of the Sea. These coordinators act in the name of the European Commission and on its behalf.

Their mandate includes:

  • Drawing up the relevant corridor work plan (together with the Member States concerned) or the work plan for a horizontal priority
  • Supporting and monitoring implementation of the work plan; as and when necessary, highlighting difficulties and looking for appropriate remedies
  • Regularly consulting the corridor forum (a consultative body bringing together Member States and various stakeholders)
  • Making recommendations in areas such as transport development along corridors or access to financing / funding sources
  • Annual reporting to the European Parliament, Council, Commission and the Member States concerned on the progress achieved

European Coordinators are chosen based on their knowledge of issues related to transport and financing, as well as on their experience of European institutions. As a general rule, they are not nationals of Member States whose territory is directly affected by a corridor.