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Catherine Trautmann

Catherine Trautmann

Catherine Trautmann was born on 15 January 1951 in Strasbourg, France.

Previous assignments

1983: Member of Strasbourg Municipal Council

1986-1988: Member of the National Assembly for Bas-Rhin

1988: State Secretary for the elderly and disabled

1988-1989: Chairwoman of the National task force on drug addiction

1989-1997: Mayor of Strasbourg and Chairwoman of the Strasbourg Urban Community   

1997-2000: Minister for Culture and Communications

2000: Member of the Socialist Party National Bureau

1989-1997: Member of the European Parliament

2004-2014: President of the French Socialist Delegation in the European Parliament

Current tasks

Since 1983: Member of Strasbourg Municipal Council

Since 2008: Member of the National Council of the Socialist Party

Since 2008: Chair of the port of Strasbourg

Since 2008: Vice chair of the Strasbourg Urban Community Council


Ms Trautmann studied in Strasbourg, obtaining a Master's degree in Protestant theology at the Protestant Theology Faculty of the University of Strasbourg.


  • Knight of the Legion of Honour
  • Commander of the Order of Arts and Letters
  • Honorary doctorate, University of Leicester

On 29 October 2014 Ms Trautmann became the European Coordinator for the TEN-T North Sea-Baltic Corridor.

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Information notes

Ms Trautmann's information note on the CEF call 2014 results

Ms Trautmann's information note on the CEF call 2016 results


Missions 2016

  • Rail Baltic Task Force and meeting with the Lithuanian Vice-Minister for Transport and Communications, Mr Arijandas Sliupas, 12 July 2016, Vilnius

Main topics discussed at the Rail Baltic Task Force meeting on 12 July were the follow-up of the Joint Declaration of Rotterdam, the further process for adoption of the Intergovernmental agreement, as well as collaboration with the Rail Freight Corridor in view of building up traffic on the Rail Baltica North-South axis. Ms Trautmann also met with the Lithuanian Vice-Minister Arijandas Sliupas on this occasion, for an exchange of views on the next steps for the Rail Baltic project.

  • Rail Freight Corridor Executive Board and Management Board meeting, 12 July 2016, Vilnius

On 12 July, Coordinator Trautmann participated in a joint meeting of the Management Board and the Executive Board of the North Sea-Baltic Rail Freight Corridor in Vilnius. The meeting allowed to take stock of the recent development of the Rail Freight Corridor and the state of play on the Core Network Corridor and to exchange views on next steps. Ms Trautmann suggested ERTMS deployment as well as port hinterland and urban nodes issues as potential areas for further collaboration. The extension of the RFC to Latvia and Estonia by 2020 was also discussed.

From 20th to 22nd June, Ms Trautmann participated in the 2016 edition of the TEN-T Days in Rotterdam. Highlights included the signature of a Joint Declaration of the Ministers for Transport of the five partners of the Rail Baltic/Rail Baltica project (Finland, Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania, Poland), bilateral and multilateral meetings with the Ministers for transport of The Netherlands, Belgium, Flanders, Finland and Poland, and the presentation of the update of the North Sea-Baltic Corridor Work Plan to a wider public in a dedicated Corridor meeting with a distinguished panel of stakeholders along the Corridor. In the context of the presentation of the issues papers, Ms Trautmann also participated as a speaker in the interactive plenary "TEN-T Corridors: Forerunners of a forward-looking transport system", a thematic session on "Innovation on the TEN-T: Why and where?" as well as a thematic session on "Urban nodes on the TEN-T Corridors".

  • Smart Cities and Communities General Assembly, 24 May 2016, Eindhoven

In the context of the issue papers on innovation and urban nodes, Ms Trautmann participated in a high-level panel at the Smart Cities and Communities General Assembly in Eindhoven on 24 May 2016. The debate focussed mainly on the complementarity of different EU funding and financing instruments, potential adjustments thereof, and the role of cities in creating innovation ecosystems and contributing to the fight against climate change.

  • Meeting with the Latvian Minister for Transport, Mr Uldis Augulis, 18 May 2016, Leipzig

The new Latvian Minister for Transport, Mr Uldis Augulis confirmed Latvia's full commitment to the Rail Baltic project, to the role of the Joint Venture RB RAIL in managing the company and reaching coordination of all partners, as well as to concluding on the Intergovernmental Agreement. Ms Trautmann insisted on the importance of the project for the whole Corridor, on making rapid progress in its implementation, confirming the mandate of the Joint Venture and to agree on next steps in a Ministerial Joint Declaration at the TEN-T Days.

  • International Transport Forum, 18 May 2016, Leipzig

At the ITF 2016 Summit in Leipzig on "Green and Inclusive Transport", Ms Trautmann spoke at a session on hinterland supply chains. Topics discussed by the panel included the issue how the European Corridor approach can help in addressing bottlenecks in port hinterland traffic, optimization of infrastructure investments, greater integration of modes and services, as well as the effect of mega-sized ships on ports and especially on hinterland traffic.

  • Meeting with the German Minister for Transport and Digital Infrastructure, Mr Alexander Dobrindt, 12 May 2016, Berlin

Following an invitation by the German Minister for Transport and Digital Infrastructure, Mr Alexander Dobrindt, the European Coordinators dealing with the corridors crossing Germany met the Minister in Berlin on 12 May 2016 for a presentation of the Federal Investment Plan 2030. The discussion focussed on common priorities for the development and maintenance of European transport networks in Germany.

  • Meeting of the "Friends of Rail Baltic" in the European Parliament, 10 May 2016, Strasbourg

The second meeting of the Members of the European Parliament supporting the Rail Baltic project took place in Strasbourg on 10 May 2016. 11 MEPs were present, from six different Member States and six political groups. Ms Trautmann and RB RAIL CEO Baiba Rubesa informed MEPs about the recent developments of the project. The MEPs decided to jointly send an open letter to the governments of the five partner countries supporting a joint and smooth implementation of the project, and to continue to meet regularly.

  • Rail Baltic Task Force, 28 April 2016, Riga

Topics discussed at the Task Force on Rail Baltic included the Intergovernmental Agreement prepared for ratification by the national Parliaments, the preparation of a Joint Declaration for signature of the five Ministers of Transport at the TEN-T Days 2016, as well as the alternatives for upgrade / new construction of the 1435mm gauge line south of Kaunas.

  • Visit to the rail node of Bremen and the ports of Bremen and Bremerhaven, 20 April 2016, Bremen

On 20 April, Ms Trautmann visited the railway node Bremen as well as the ports of Bremen and Bremerhaven. Following a site visit and presentation by DB Netz AG on the issues at stake around the Bremen main railway station and the wider urban node area, the Coordinator visited the ports of Bremen and Bremerhaven and had an in-depth discussion with representatives of EUROGATE, BLG Auto Terminal and Bremen ports in Bremerhaven. The visit ended with a meeting with Mr Martin Günthner, Senator for Economy, Labour and Ports of Bremen.

  • Meetings with stakeholders from the railway sector, 18-19 April, Warsaw

On the occasion of her visit to Warsaw, Ms Trautmann had an exchange of views with various stakeholders from the railways sector in Poland – including the RFC NSB Office Director as well as representatives from DB Schenker, Fundacja Prokolej, STS / CLIP Logistics and ERS Railway.

  • Meeting with the Polish Vice-Minister for Infrastructure and Construction, Mr Piotr Stomma, 19 April 2016, Warsaw

The Coordinator held a first meeting with the Polish Vice-Minister in charge of railways, Mr Piotr Stomma, on 19 April 2016 in Warsaw. The main topic was Rail Baltica, with an exchange of views on recent progress and next steps concerning both the Lithuanian-Polish cross-border section and the global project.

  • Transport Research Arena, 18 April 2016, Warsaw

In the context of the issue paper on innovation, Ms Trautmann gave a speech at the opening plenary of the 2016 edition of the TRA Conference in Warsaw. She insisted in particular on the role that the Corridors can play in fostering a collaborative approach to deployment of innovative solutions.

  • Helsinki Regional Urban node conference and kick-off meeting of the NSB CoRe Interreg project, 6-7 April 2016, Helsinki

On 6 and 7 April 2016, Ms Trautmann participated in a high-level conference on TEN-T and urban node issues, organised by the Finnish Ministry of Transport and Communications and the Finnish Transport Agency in Helsinki. Around 80 European and local participants discussed the development of transport links between the twin cities Helsinki and Tallinn, the Arctic dimension, Motorways of the Sea and mobility as a service. Back to back to the event, the kick-off of the Interreg project "NSB CoRe" (Connector of Regions, involving 40 partners along the NSB Corridor) was held on 7-8 April with participation of the Coordinator. Finnish industry stakeholders expressed strong interest in the realisation of the Rail Baltic project in a side meeting organised by Siemens Finland and attended by Coordinator Trautmann and RB RAIL CEO Baiba Rubesa. Ms Trautmann and European Coordinator for Motorways of the Sea Brian Simpson also participated in a site visit of one of the ice-breakers based in Helsinki.

  • 7th NSB Corridor Forum and Task force Rail Baltic, 17 March 2016, Brussels

During the 7th Forum of the NSB Corridor, the consultants' consortium presented intermediate results of the analysis of the project list, as well as of the analysis of the technical compliance of the Corridor with the requirements of the TEN-T Regulation and KPI. Further exchanges took place with regards to recent and upcoming events, communication activities and next steps in view of the TEN-T Days in Rotterdam.

  • Coordinators' Seminar and meeting with Transport organisations, 2-3 March 2016, Brussels

All European Coordinators gathered in Brussels on 2nd and 3rd March 2016 for an internal seminar as well as a meeting with transport-related organisations based in Brussels, on the general TEN-T development as well as on the issues papers on horizontal issues that link TEN-T and other transport policy developments.

  • Roundtable debate on Rail Baltica, 23 February 2016, Vilnius

Upon invitation of the Committees for European Affairs and for Economic Affairs of the Lithuanian Parliament, Ms Trautmann participated in a roundtable debate on the Rail Baltic project on 23 February in Vilnius. The presentations and debates focussed on the progress of implementing the Rail Baltic/Rail Baltica project in the three Baltic States. The Joint Venture RB RAIL AS, as well as stakeholders from the three Baltic States participated in the roundtable debate.

  • European Coordinators' Seminar with the EIB, 27-29 January 2016, Luxembourg

All European Coordinators gathered in Luxembourg for a joint seminar with the EIB end of January. The exchanges focussed on the Bank's activities and on financing possibilities under EFSI, in particular. Selected project promoters of major cross-border projects were also invited to a session dedicated to an exchange of experience on crucial aspects such as permitting and procurement.


Missions 2015

  • 6th Corridor Forum and Regions' Working Group, 9-10 December 2015, Brussels

The 6th Corridor Forum covered a wide variety of topics, ranging from the progress of the Corridor study (with a focus on KPI and project list structure), Motorways of the Sea (intervention by Coordinator Brian Simpson), a presentation of the development of the Rail Freight Corridor North Sea-Baltic, the 2015 CEF call, EIB operations linked to the NSB Corridor, as well as the issue papers on horizontal topics prepared by several Coordinators.

During the Regions' working group, the progress of the Corridor study was also discussed, as well as ongoing regional initiatives and EU funding opportunities.

  • Visit to the Dutch-German EUREGIO, 8 December 2015, Gronau and Hengelo

On 8 December 2015, Ms Trautmann visited the logistics hub of the EUREGIO (Dutch-German border area covering parts of the Dutch provinces Gelderland, Overijssel, and Drenthe as well as parts of the German federal states Nordrhein-Westfalen and Niedersachsen). Through a series of presentations and debates, the companies' concerns with regards to the Corridor development and cross-border cooperation and mobility issues were discussed. During a site visit of the CTT Combi Terminal Twente the Coordinator could get acquainted with the daily operations and innovative solutions operated in the terminal.

  • Meeting with Mr Sennhenn, CEO of DG Netz AG, 5 December 2015, Brussels

On 5 December, the European Coordinators in charge of the six Corridors crossing Germany and of the horizontal priority on ERTMS met with the CEO of the German rail infrastructure manager DB Netz, Mr Frank Sennhenn. During an interactive presentation and debate, DB Netz AG and the Coordinators addressed multiple issues like facts and figures of the company, project prioritization, pooperation between Rail Freight Corridors and Core Network Corridors, ERTMS deployment on the German network, the Bundesverkehrswegeplan and future steps.

Brussels, 24 November 2015

  • European Coordinators' Seminar, 15-16 October 2015, Brussels

All European Coordinators were gathered in Brussels on 15-16 October to discuss topics of common concern, such as the horizontal priorities (ERTMS and Motorways of the Sea), linking TEN-T and transport policy developments, cross-border cooperation at local and regional level, innovative financial instruments and innovation.

  • Breakfast meeting with Members of the European Parliament on Rail Baltic project, 15 October 2015, Brussels

Upon invitation of Latvian MEP Roberts Zile, ECR Coordinator in the EP's Transport Committee, Ms Trautmann shared her views on the progress and next steps for the Rail Baltic project with MEPs from six different countries and political groups during a breakfast meeting on 15 October. New Director general of DG MOVE, Mr Henrik Hololei, was also present and expressed his strong support to the project. It was agreed to continue the exchange between the European Coordinator and MEPs in the future.

  • Visit to the Port of Hamburg, 30 September 2015

On 30 September, Ms Trautmann visited the city and port of Hamburg, as one of the key nodes on the Corridor. She met with the first Mayor, Mr Olaf Scholz, as well as the Senator for Economy, Transport and Innovation, Mr Frank Horch, for an exchange of views on Corridor-related and urban node issues. After a visit of the port by ship and by car, an indepth exchange with representatives of the Hamburg Port Authority followed, focussing especially on innovative projects in the port.

  • 5th North Sea-Baltic Corridor Forum, 29 September 2015, Brussels

The fifth Corridor Forum of the NSB Corridor took place in Brussels on 29 September 2015. The new Corridor Consultants' Team presented the work that will be carried out over the next months and years to deepen the analysis of the Corridor, in particular with regards to the project list and key performance indicators, and consequently to update the Work Plan. The forum members were asked to provide feedback on the methodology. The Forum was attended by more than 45 members, consultants and EC representatives.

  • Urban Nodes Conference, 20 September 2015, Berlin

Upon the initiative of the Berlin-Brandenburg region, a conference on urban nodes was organised with the support of the European Commission on 20-21 September 2015 in Berlin. Together with Coordinator Pat Cox, Ms Trautmann participated in the panel discussions with national and regional representatives, Members of the European Parliament, as well as industry. A cooperation agreement of the stakeholders in Berlin and Brandenburg was handed over to the European Coordinators and MEPs. The conference conclusions will feed into a special issue paper on urban nodes in the TEN-T that Ms Trautmann committed to deliver in spring 2016.

  • Baltic Ports Conference, 2-4 September 2015, Riga

Given the strong maritime dimension of the NSB Corridor and the importance of the hinterland connections for ports in the Corridor Work Plan, Ms Trautmann joined the Annual Baltic Ports Conference in Riga to discuss these topics. She delivered a presentation on linking maritime and land transport on the NSB Corridor and also participated in a site visit of the port of Riga.

  • Rail Baltic Task Force, 2 September 2015, Riga

Following the Riga Declaration, the European Coordinator as well as representatives from Finland and Poland take part in the invergovernmental Rail Baltic Task Force on a regular basis. The meeting on 2nd September in Riga was the first in this enlarged setup. Topics included the conclusion of the Grant Agreement for the Joint Venture's CEF project with INEA, preparations for the second CEF call, latest developments in each partner country, and the planned intergovernmental agreement on Rail Baltic.

  • Site visit to Warsaw-Bialystok-Kaunas-Vilnius, 26-28 August 2015

On 27 August, Ms Trautmann, joined by political and technical representatives from Poland, Lithuania, Latvia and Estonia, took a special train to travel from Białystok (PL) to Kaunas (LT). The site visit on the line, passing through Ełk, Suwałki and Šeštokai, was depicted in the Lithuanian and Polish media as a historical event since it was the first passenger train, albeit 'experimental', to cross the border and to run up until Kaunas since 1939. A number of presentations and discussions took place on board the train. The construction of the new European gauge line on the Lithuanian side was co-funded through the Cohesion Fund and the TEN-T programme. The impression was that more can be done to upgrade the line on both sides of the border to reap the full benefit of the mutual connection and increase the speed of travel. Environmental aspects in this sensitive area need to be taken carefully into account, but compensations and other solutions seem possible.

On 22nd and 23rd June, Ms Trautmann participated in the 2015 edition of the TEN-T Days. Highlights included the signature of a Joint Declaration of the Ministers for Transport of the five partners of the Rail Baltic/Rail Baltica project (Finland, Estonia, Latvia, Lithunia, Poland), bilateral and multilateral meetings with Ministers and MEPs, as well as with representatives of the Belgian federal and regional Ministries, and the presentation of the North Sea-Baltic Corridor Work Plan to a wider public.

  • Hearing at the European Parliament's TRAN committee, 16 June 2015, Brussels

Ms Trautmann presented the main issues of the NSB Corridor Work Plan to the members of the Committee for Transport and Tourism. A number of questions were raised by the MEPs, enquiring about the Coordinator's work and her views on the progress of the Rail Baltic project in particular. Some more specific questions concerned missing links in inland waterways, the role of certain ports, the railway bottleneck in the Helsinki node and the connection to the Arctic region. A few general questions were also raised, such as on EFSI's potential for rail and inland waterways, progress of ERTMS deployment, cooperation with regional authorities or the Coordinator's involvement in the sea basin / macro-regional strategies.

  • Meeting with the Latvian Minister for Transport, Mr Anrijs Matīss, 15 June 2015, Brussels

Ms Trautmann has met the Latvian Minister for Transport on 15 June 2015 in Brussels. They had an exchange of views on the Joint Declaration of the five partner countries on the Rail Baltic project to be signed at the TEN-T Days in Riga. They also reported on recent meetings held with the other partners. Ms Trautmann also stressed the need to continuously empower the Joint Venture RB Rail AS.

  • Meeting with Ms Anne Berner, Minister for Transport and Communication of the Republic of Finland, 11 June 2015, Luxembourg

On the occasion of the Transport Council on 11 June in Luxembourg, Ms Trautmann met with the new Finnish Minister for Transport and Communication, Ms Anne Berner. They discussed progress of the Rail Baltic project, the upcoming TEN-T Days in Riga of 22nd-23rd June 2015, as well as the innovative aspects of the North Sea-Baltic Corridor.

  • Seminar "European Fund for Strategic Investments (EFSI) and the Trans-European Network (TEN) - Challenges and Chances", 2 June 2015, Representation of Saxony-Anhalt, Brussels, and meeting with the Transport Minister of Saxony Anhalt, Mr Thomas Webel

As Coordinator of one of the three Corridors passing through the German Land Saxony-Anhalt, Ms Trautmann participated in a conference on the EFSI and TEN-T organised by the region in Brussels on 2nd June. She stressed the vital role of regions and cities in finding the right solutions to finance the right infrastructure projects, but also their needs in order to make the most of new financial instruments, such as within the framework of the EFSI.

  • Meeting with the Estonian Minister for Economic Affairs and Infrastructure, Mr Kristen Michal, 28 May 2015, Brussels

The Coordinator met the new Estonian Minister for Economic Affairs and Infrastructure, Mr Kristen Michal, on 28 May 2015 in Brussels. The main topic was the Rail Baltic project and the priorities for Estonia in implementing the North Sea-Baltic Corridor.

  • Partners' meeting for an Interreg project "Connector of Regions", 8 May 2015, Berlin

A number of Regions and cities along the North Sea-Baltic corridor in its Eastern part (from Berlin to Helsinki) met on 8 May 2015 in Berlin in order to prepare for submission of an Interreg project to follow up on the previous "Rail Baltica Growth Corridor" project. Ms Trautmann gave a keynote speech and expressed her strong support for this bottom-up initiative.

  • Meeting with the Lithuanian Minister for Transport, Mr Rimantas Sinkevičius and Vice-Minister Arijandas Šliupas and meeting of the Polish-Lithuanian subcommittee on transport, 7 May 2015, Vilnius

Ms Trautmann discussed the progress of Rail Baltic with the Lithuanian Minister for Transport, Mr Rimantas Sinkevičius on 7 May in Vilnius. Both agreed on the need to accelerate the concrete implementation of the project and for good cooperation of all partners. The minister also informed about the ongoing discussions with Latvia to fix the border crossing point. The meeting was followed by a trilateral session with the Vice-Minister Arijandas Šliupas (Lithuania) and Undersecretary of State Sławomir Żłobka (Poland), as part of the Polish-Lithuanian subcommittee on transport series of meetings. The Coordinator also participated in a field visit of the intermodal terminal in Kaunas in this framework on 6 May.

  • Conference "Prospects of high-speed rail in Poland", 6 May 2015, Warsaw

On 6 May, Ms Trautmann spoke at the conference "Prospects of high-speed rail in Poland", organised by the Polish Railway Experts and Managers Association and Railway Institute together with a number of partners from industry and science. She stressed the potential of high-speed rail as a structuring element for the transport system and the economy, but noted that scarce public resources make it necessary to operate many difficult choices as well as to look increasingly for private sources of investment in transport infrastructure.

  • Meeting with the Polish Minister for Transport, Ms Maria Wasiak, and Undersecretary of state Mr Sławomir Żałobka, 5 May 2015, Warsaw

The Coordinator had the pleasure to have a long discussion with the Polish Minister, Ms Maria Wasiak, on 5 May 2015 in Warsaw. Topics included the Work Plan for the North Sea-Baltic corridor, the Rail Baltic project and in particular its cross-border section between Poland and Lithuania, as well as general issues and priorities for the development of transport infrastructure in Poland.

  • Meetings with Members of the European Parliament,22nd April 2015, Brussels , 30 April 2015, Strasbourg

On April 22 and 20, Ms Trautmann met several MEPs from Baltic countries and Poland in order to discuss the Rail Baltic project. All MEPs expressed their full support to the project and were happy to hear the views of the European Coordinator on its progress.

  • Meeting with representatives from Bremen, 15 April 2015, Brussels

Presentation of the issues for the port of Bremen and Bremerhaven (4th biggest container terminal in EU, 2nd in Germany): hinterland connections, railway bottlenecks and traffic evolution and export rates/transhipment share. Hinterland traffic is predicted to double by 2030. All trains to the port have to pass the city twice due to the need to change locomotives in a shunting yard, which raises concern among the population. The city is going to invest 40M Euros to enhance rail infrastructure. Comparatively high share of rail and IWW hinterland traffic. Ms Trautmann accepted the proposal to visit the port at a later stage.