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Orient-East Med Core Network Corridor

Orient-East Med Core Network Corridor


Hamburg – Berlin

Rostock – Berlin – Dresden

Bremerhaven/Wilhelmshaven – Magdeburg – Dresden

Dresden – Ústí nad Labem – Melnik/Praha - Kolin

Kolin – Pardubice – Brno – Wien/Bratislava – Budapest – Arad – Timişoara – Craiova – Calafat – Vidin – Sofia

 Sofia – Plovdiv – Burgas

Plovdiv – TR border

Sofia – Thessaloniki – Athina – Piraeus – Lemesos – Lefkosia

Athina – Patra/Igoumenitsa

The Orient/East-Med Corridor connects the maritime interfaces of the North, Baltic, Black and Mediterranean Seas, allowing optimising the use of the ports concerned and the related Motorways of the Sea.

Including Elbe as inland waterway, it will improve the multimodal connections between Northern Germany, the Czech Republic, the Pannonian region and Southeast Europe.

It extends, across the sea, from Greece to Cyprus.

Mr Matthieu Grosch is the European Coordinator for the Orient/East-Med Core Network Corridor as of 1st July 2014.

Map: Orient/East-Med Corridor

The overall TEN-T corridor map


This long northwest-south eastern corridor will connect central Europe with the maritime interfaces of the North, Baltic, Black and Mediterranean seas, allowing to optimise the use of the ports concerned and the related Motorways of the Sea. This corridor will integrate Priority Projects 7 and 22, ERTMS corridor E and Rail Freight Corridor 7. It will foster the development of those ports as major multimodal logistic platforms and will improve the multimodal connections of major economic centres in Central Europe to the coastlines, using rivers such as the Elbe. The corridor will also provide the link to Cyprus.


Main missing links

Missing links are numerous, since most of the multimodal connections between Hungary, Bulgaria, Romania and Greece remain to be built or substantially upgraded. The Elbe also needs important upgrading to be able to attract traffic flows. Cross-border traffic management systems on rail and inland waterways are still to be implemented on many sections.

Success story

Rail development along the north – south line from Budapest until Athens

The Commission is already granting EU support for a study that will analyse traffic flows and potential development of a rail link that will connect Budapest with Sofia and Athens via Timisoara, Vidin-Calafat and Thessaloniki. The link is currently not fully operational and support is needed for creating the right preconditions for development along this line, preparing investments in the oncoming multi-annual financial framework. The cooperation between the Member States concerned RFC 7, the various cofounding authorities is exemplary of what the future of the cooperation on the new corridor would be like.


CEF: Pre-identified projects

Dresden - Praha


studies for high-speed rail



upgrading, freight bypass; rail connection airport

Praha – Breclav



Hamburg – Dresden – Praha – Pardubice


Elbe and Vltava studies, works for better navigability and upgrading

Děčín locks



Prague - Brno - Breclav


upgrading, including rail node Brno and multi-modal platform

Breclav – Bratislava


cross-border, upgrading

Bratislava – Hegyeshalom


cross-border, upgrading

Mosonmagyaróvár – SK Border


cross border upgrading

Tata – Biatorbágy



Budapest – Arad – Timişoara – Calafat


upgrading in HU nearly completed, ongoing in RO

Vidin – Sofia – Burgas/TR border

Sofia – Thessaloniki – Athens/Piraeus


studies and works Vidin – Sofia – Thessaloniki - Athens; upgrading Sofia – Burgas/TR border

Vidin – Craiova


Cross-border upgrading

Thessaloniki, Igoumenitsa


Infrastructure upgrading and development, multimodal interconnections

Athens/Piraeus/Heraklion – Lemesos

Port, MoS

port capacity and multimodal interconnections

Lemesos – Lefkosia

Ports, multimodal platforms

upgrading of modal interconnection, including Lefkosia South Orbital, studies and works, traffic managament systems

Lefkosia – Larnaca

Multimodal platforms

Multimodal interconnections and telematic applications systems



Port interconnections, (further) development of  multimodal platforms

Athina - Patras


studies and works, port interconnections

Forum Meetings 2014

  • 4th Forum Meeting of the Orient/East-Med Core Network Corridor, Brussels, 18th November 2014


  • 3rd Forum Meeting of the Orient/East-Med Core Network Corridor, Brussels, 30th September 2014


  • 2nd Forum Meeting of the Orient/East-Med Core Network Corridor, Brussels, 17th June 2014


  • 1st Forum Meeting of the Orient/East-Med Core Network Corridor, Brussels, 1st April 2014