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Workshop on the innovative financing of ERTMS

Workshop on the innovative financing of ERTMS

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Workshop on the innovative financing of ERTMS


The Directorate-General for Mobility and Transport organised on 20 January 2015 a Workshop on the innovative financing of ERTMS. The Workshop was open to all representatives of the Member States, rail transport sector representative bodies and financial institutions.

This Workshop was part of the study dedicated to ERTMS financing launched in view of the implementation of the CEF and TEN-T. Railway is the key beneficiary of the funds available under the CEF. However, given the increasing, if not exclusive, reliance of ERTMS on grants whilst their availability is most limited, the objective of the study is to develop realistic business models of innovative financing for the deployment of ERTMS on the ground, on board and on the 9 TEN-T core network corridors in particular. The study shall also demonstrate how to build on a model compliant with ERTMS track access charges.

Seen in this light, the announcement by President Juncker of €315 billion additional investments by 2017 is telling and provides further impetus towards identifying innovative financing schemes as part of the EU transport infrastructure investment strategies, helping railway play a continuing role in this process.


In September 2015, the second and final ERTMS Workshop is expected to take place where the results of the ERTMS study will be presented and discussed. Invitations to the event will be sent later in 2015.