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Our goals

Progress towards these targets will be measured as part of the EU road safety policy framework 2021-2030, using key performance indicators.

The framework will also address emerging challenges (such as an ageing population,  growing urbanisation, the sharing economy) and the safe transition to cooperative, connected and autonomous mobility.

Key EU legislation

EU funding

  • The European structural and investment funds are used to upgrade regional and urban road infrastructure.
  • The Connecting Europe Facility invests in road safety and digitalisation.
  • The Safer Transport Platform  launched in 2019 by the Commission and the European Investment Bank (EIB) is a one-stop-shop providing advice and technical assistance on funding and financing options for investment in transport safety, with a particular focus on road safety

Cooperation and knowledge-sharing

The Commission promotes platforms and activities to help everyone involved share experience of improving road safety, and cooperates with international bodies and non-EU countries:

  • EU Road Safety Exchange – launched in 2019 as a three-year project with financial support from the European Parliament. It brings together road safety professionals from different EU Member States and addresses their specific road safety problems through sustained twinning activities.
  • European Road Safety Charter – voluntary commitments on road safety from over 3 500 signatories (companies, local authorities, schools etc.)
  • ROADPOL Safety Days – joint initiative with ROADPOL, the network of European traffic police forces.

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