Mobilidade e transportes

Cargo securing and abnormal loads

When transporting loads, securing them properly will prevent damage to the vehicle and injuries to passengers or other road users and avoid congestions due to lost cargo.

Cargo securing

Cargo which has not been properly secured can fall off, affect the balance of a vehicle and sometimes even knock it over and hit other vehicles. Up to 25% of truck accidents can be attributed to inadequate cargo securing. As EU countries have different rules on this, it is difficult for transporters to know the minimum requirements when driving in several countries.

The EU has therefore devised guidelines on cargo securing.

Abnormal loads

While the EU has legislation on permitted weights and dimensions in road transport, loads surpassing the allowed limits – experts call them “abnormal loads” – require an exemption or permit from the regional or national authorities. International transporters are currently confronted with many different rules and procedures for obtaining a permit, for instance on vehicle escorts, allowed time frames, authorised speeds, etc.

The EU has therefore devised guidelines on abnormal loads.

An additional EU agreement sets out requirements for storing and securing dangerous goods