Mobility and transport

Level crossings

Accidents at level crossings deserve a specific attention. Although they account for a limited proportion of road accidents (up to 2% of the road fatalities), they account for some 30% of fatalities from the railways perspective. In most cases, the primary causation is the inappropriate behaviour of road users (bad evaluation of risk, lack of attention, and misunderstanding of road signs).

Tunnel Safety Eliminating accidents at level crossings is a shared responsibility for both road and rail operators.

In this respect, the European level has a role to play. The European Level Crossing Forum (ELCF) gathers all kinds of competences. In March 2009, several European associations of rail stakeholders have signed a commitment on behalf of the European road safety Charter.

In June 2009, a pan-European Level Crossings Awareness Day (ELCAD) has been launched and a wider, International day (ILCAD) was launched in June 2010.