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Evaluation of Directive 2015/413/EU facilitating cross-border exchange of information on road-safety-related traffic offences

Policy fields

Mobility, Justice and Fundamental Rights, Home Affairs

Target groups

All citizens and organisations are welcome to contribute to this consultation.

Period of consultation

27/11/2015 - 19/02/2016

Objective of the consultation

Encouraging road users to improve their behaviour by complying with basic road safety rules is a crucial element in the road safety strategy. In order to ensure compliance with the law, enforcement and follow-up of offences are necessary. Controls should be systematic. Sanctions should be effective and applied to all offenders, not just to residents.

Directive 2015/413/EU (Cross-border Enforcement Directive/CBE Directive) provides access to vehicle registration data in order to identify non-resident offenders. Member States had to transpose the Directive by 6 May 2015 with a derogation allowing UK, Denmark and Ireland to postpone the transposition deadline until 6 May 2017.

According to the CBE Directive, the Commission is obliged to submit by 7 November 2016 a report to the European Parliament and the Council on the application of the CBE Directive. In its report, the Commission has inter alia to assess: 

  • the effectiveness of the Directive on the reduction in the number of fatalities on EU roads,
  • the software application for the exchange of vehicle registration data,
  • the need to strengthen the enforcement of sanctions and to propose common criteria concerning the follow-up procedures in the case of non-payment of a financial penalty,
  • the need for developing common standards for automatic checking equipment and for procedures, including the development of guidelines in this context to ensure greater convergence of the enforcement of road traffic rules by Member States.

The aim of the evaluation is to provide an assessment of the effectiveness of the Directive and of the relevance of its scope (Evaluation Road Map ). Depending on the results of the evaluation, the Commission may make proposals on the aspects as detailed below, including Impact Assessment.


How to submit your contribution

You are invited to fill in the online questionnaire available below. The questionnaire is only available in English. However, the contributions can be submitted in all EU languages.

Please read carefully all the consultation information, including the reference documents, personal data protection rules and privacy statement before filling in the questionnaire.

Please submit your contribution to this public consultation at the latest 19/02/2016.

All queries on the process should be addressed to the email address listed below.

In the interest of transparency, organisations (for example NGOs) are invited to provide the public with relevant information about themselves by registering in the Transparency Register and subscribing to its Code of Conduct.

If you are a registered organisation, please indicate the name of your organisation and your Register ID number, in your contribution. Your contribution will then be considered as representing the views of your organisation.

If your organisation is not registered, you have the opportunity to register now. Then return to this page to submit your contribution as a registered organisation.

Received contributions, in order to be taken into consideration, must be published on the Internet. It is important to read the specific privacy statement attached to this consultation for information on how your personal data and contribution will be dealt with. Responses from organisations not registered will be published separately.

The European Commission will take stock of all the relevant information on this subject with a view to to develop the comprehensive strategy on road traffic injuries.

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Reference documents

The Commission engaged external consultants to carry out an evaluation study on the application of Directive 2011/82/EU facilitating cross-border exchange of information on road-safety-related traffic offences (CALL FOR TENDERS MOVE/C4/2014-255 published in OJS227-400209-2014) that will constitute a basis for the Commission's report as referred to Article 11 of the Directive. Please note that Directive 2011/82/EU was annulled by the European Court of Justice because of incorrect legal basis and replaced by Directive 2015/413/EU.

The external consultants (Grimaldi and subcontractor Kurt Salmon) have already launched the following targeted online surveys focused on the elements of the assessment as referred to Article 11 of the CBE Directive as well as general evaluation aspects of relevance, effectiveness, sustainability, efficiency, EU added value and coherence of the Directive:

  • Online survey on the end-users (Member States authorities) satisfaction with the EUCARIS software application for the exchange of vehicle registration data was launched on 8 October 2015 and finished on 30 October 2015
  • Online survey with specific questions addressed to public authorities (ministries of transport and justice, law enforcement and judicial authorities) was launched on 10 August 2015 and finished on 30 September 2015
  • Online survey with specific questions addressed to other stakeholders (national and international NGOs, national road safety agencies, insurance companies’ associations and European organisations dealing with road safety) was launched on 10 August 2015 and finished on 30 September 2015

Contact details

Responsible service: Directorate-General for Mobility and Transport

E-mail address

Postal address

European Commission Directorate-General for Mobility and Transport
Unit C4 – Road Safety
DM28 4/100
Rue de Mot 24
B – 1049 Brussels

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Individual contributions

Analytical report

The organisations interested in submitting contributions in the context of public consultations are asked to provide the Commission and the public at large with information about whom and what they represent. If an organisation decides not to provide this information, it is the Commission's stated policy to list the contribution as part of the individual contributions. (Consultation Standards, see COM (2002) 704, and Communication on ETI Follow-up, see COM (2007) 127).

Protection of personal data

Protection of personal data

Specific privacy statement

Received contributions, together with the identity of the contributor, may be published on Directorate-General for Mobility and Transport website, unless the contributor objects to publication of the personal data on the grounds that such publication would harm his or her legitimate interests. In this case the contribution may be published in anonymous form. Otherwise the contribution will not be published nor will, in principle, its content be taken into account.

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