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European Road Safety Action Programme 2011-2020

Consultation period: 22/04/2009 - 31/07/2009

Objectives of the consultation

This consultation aims at engaging the European citizens and stakeholders in governments at national, regional and local levels, as well as the business and professional sectors, in identifying the key road safety problems to be addressed by the European Road Safety Action Programme for the period 2011 – 2020 and the priority actions which could be taken to address the unacceptable and costly levels of road death and serious injury across the EU.

Involvement in a road traffic crash is the leading cause of death and hospital admission for citizens of the European Union (EU) under 45 years. With 39,000 road traffic deaths in 2008 and socio-economic costs of around 2% of GDP (€180 billion), road safety continues to be a priority area for action in the EU.

The aim of this consultation is therefore to get the views from stakeholders on how to best tackle the key road safety problems. For this purpose, the questionnaire attached contains a listing of the main problem areas and of possible ways of dealing with the problems concerned.

Apart from filling in the questionnaire, respondents may also send separate comments to the European Commission (TREN-ROAD-SAFETY-ACTION-PROGRAMME) but the main analysis of this internet consultation will be based on the responses to the questions raised in the questionnaire.


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Contributions to the consultation
Comments were received from national governments, companies and research institutes, associations and individuals.