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Prevalence of fatigued driving

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Prevalence of fatigued driving

In modern 24-hour societies, getting enough sleep or rest is not always high on the agenda. How many persons are so fatigued that they feel it interferes with their functioning? And how many persons drive while they are fatigued? Survey research provides information on the extent to which fatigue or sleepiness interferes with normal functioning in everyday life. According to the 2002 "Sleep in America" Poll nearly two out of every five American adults (37%) report that a few days a month or more they are so sleepy during the day that it interferes with their daily activities; 16% experience this level of daytime sleepiness a few days per week or more [108]. A comparable survey has not yet been done for EU.

In sections below we present information on prevalence of fatigued driving among private drivers, young drivers, professional drivers and shift workers.

The last subsection provides Conclusions.