Mobility and transport

Matthew Baldwin




Matthew Baldwin, DG MOVE Deputy Director General was appointed in October 2018 by EU Transport Commissioner Violeta Bulc as European Coordinator for Road Safety. The aim is to help drive forward the new road safety strategy as set out under the key actions in the Commission's third Mobility Package to modernise Europe's transport system in May 2018.  The role will involve the coordination of road safety efforts with Member States, the European Parliament, cities, regions and all stakeholders in the road safety community.

Matthew Baldwin will continue his role as Deputy Director General in DG MOVE, combining his new responsibility particularly with work on sustainable mobility, such as how to protect vulnerable road users such as pedestrians and cyclists in the coming era of connected, automated and autonomous mobility. 

Commissioner Bulc said: "More than 25 000 deaths a year on our roads is unacceptable. The Commission is determined to cut deaths and serious injuries by half by 2030 and reach our Vision zero, i.e. zero deaths by 2050. The latest road safety figures show that progress is stagnating. Our aim with the new role of European Coordinator for Road Safety is to put road safety firmly back on the agenda of decision-makers and key organisations across the EU.  Matthew is a highly experienced European transport professional - I want him to be a resource to the whole road safety community, to listen to all ideas and concerns – and help us deliver the targets !"

Mr Baldwin commented: "It is a great honour to be entrusted with this important work. We want to intensify cooperation with the Member States and the whole road safety community to deliver the Safe System approach across Europe. Deaths and serious injuries are NOT the inevitable price we need to pay for our mobility.  I will focus relentlessly on results, on bringing down the death and serious injury numbers, because while the EU is the region with the safest roads in the world, we can and must do a lot better."


In June 2017 the Transport Council reconfirmed the Commission's long term goal of zero fatalities in road transport by 2050. New interim targets to reduce both the number of road deaths and serious injuries by 50% between 2020 and 2030 were also set. Following the Council's request, the Commission proposed in May 2018 a common framework for road safety and a strategic action plan, based on the Safe System recommended globally by the World Health Organisation. Its overriding objective is to address the causes of deaths and serious injuries in road crashes  accidents in an integrated way, building layers of protection that ensure that, if one element fails, another will compensate – so for example, focusing on ensuring vehicles and infrastructure are as safe as possible, and tackling excessive speed.