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Seat belts

The use of seat belts and child restraint systems is MANDATORY (Directive 91/671/EEC as amended).

Seat belts are not compulsory for:

  • persons with a medical certificate of exemption from compulsory seat belt wearing
  • visibly pregnant women
  • taxi drivers carrying passengers
  • driving instructors and examiners during driving lessons and tests
  • Police, Internal Security Agency, Foreign Intelligence Agency, Military Counter-Intelligence Service, Military Intelligence Service, Central Anti-Corruption Bureau and Border Guard officers, Treasury Control inspectors, Customs and Prison Service officers and Polish Armed Forces personnel, when transporting persons under arrest
  • Government Security Bureau officers during the performance of their duties
  • Military Police officers during the performance of their duties
  • medical teams when providing medical assistance
  • security guards when transporting cash
  • ill or disabled persons being transported on a stretcher or in a wheelchair
  • children under 3 years of age who are passengers on a bus
  • children up to 4 years of age who are passengers on a public bus and are not using a separate seat

Child seats are not compulsory in:

  • taxis
  • buses
  • ambulances
  • police vehicles
  • border guard vehicles
  • municipal police vehicles
  • and in cases where a doctor has issued a certificate of exemption from compulsory use of a child safety seat or other child restraint

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