Mobility and transport


Stakeholders meeting on the safety-related aspects of tyre use

  • Tuesday 10┬áJune 2014
  • Conference Centre Albert Borschette, Rue Froissart 36 - Brussels
  • Meeting room AB-1C

The Commission adopted in July 2010 the Policy Orientations on Road Safety for 2011-2020 . One of the strategic objectives identified by the Commission is the enforcement of road safety rules.

In this context, the Directorate General for Mobility and Transport has commissioned a study with the aim to assist the Commission in its assessment of various aspects of the tyre use and quality related to road safety, including where appropriate, recommendations for EU measures. The aspects targeted in the study are the following:

  • The role of tyres as an accident factor
  • The drivers' awareness and behaviour in relation to the safety role of tyres and their adequate choice and use
  • The benefits, particularly for safety, derived from the use of the most appropriate tyres according to the weather conditions
  • The minimum tread depth requirements
  • The measures that could be effective to ensure adequate choice and use of tyres
  • The measures that could be effective to ensure that tyres are used with the correct inflating pressure

Attendance is by invitation only. Organizations intending to participate shall send their request to TNO (, which is the consultant in charge of the study, to the following address:

Additional clarifications can be requested to the Road safety Unit in the Directorate-General for Mobility and Transport:

Due to capacity constraints it might not be possible to accommodate all registration requests. We do apologise in advance.