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3rd European Road Safety Day

Brussels, 13-14 October 2010

  • Wednesday 13 October 2010

        New political orientations 2011-2020 and safe intrastructure - European Commission conference


  • Thursday 14 October 2010

        Cross border enforcement - Belgian Presidency seminar


  • Location of both events: room JAN2Q2 (European Parliament premises), Brussels.


These 2 events aim to raise awareness, give visibility to best national and local practice and offer an opportunity to work together for safer roads in Europe.

13 October – Commission conference

After presenting the Commission's new road safety guidelines for 2011-20, the following topics will be debated:

  • dealing with injured road users/pedestrians
  • challenges for road users (elderly people, cyclists, motorcyclists, driving under the influence of alcohol and medicine)
  • safer  infrastructure

14 October – Belgian presidency seminar

How to achieve better collaboration between police and courts in different EU countries to combat road traffic offences.

European Road Safety Village

Featuring info stands and demonstrations  for the general public, this will be set up outside on the esplanade of the European Parliament on 13 and 14 October.

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Powerpoint presentations
Speaker Organisation Theme
Rune ELVIK Institute of Transport Economics, Norway The importance of better data on traffic injury – state of the art
Pierre BESNARD Head of Unit Rescue Services, Civil Safety, France Organising first aids on the road - The French approach
Bruno HOORNAERT Federal Planning Bureau, Belgium Social Costs of Road Accidents in Belgium
Ádám BODOR Vice-President European Cyclists' Federation How to better integrate cyclists into the traffic
Birgit BUKASA KfV (Road Safety Board), Austria Drink Drivers Rehabilitation Systems
Michèle MERLI Déléguée interministérielle à la sécurité routière, France Comment améliorer la sécurité des motocyclistes ? L'approche française
Joris AL Director-General in the Ministry of Transport and Public Waterways (RWS-DVS) - The Netherlands Contribution to Road Safety by infrastructure
Rodolphe CHASSANDE-MOTTIN Engineer, SETRA, France What makes a road a safe road ?
Anna FERRER Director of the National Observatory for Road Safety, Spain Vulnerable Road Users and Infrastructure
Philippe BARETTE Director in charge of Strategy, Bruxelles-Mobilité, Belgium Dealing with urban infrastructure: the experience of the region of Brussels-Capital