Mobility and Transport

Improved communication technology for aircraft

Today, new legal requirements enter into force for aircraft operators flying at high altitudes in the European airspace: the capacity to operate data link services. The deployment of this interoperable technology in Europe will improve the efficiency of communications between pilots and controllers. Ultimately, air traffic control safety and capacity will increase.

Data link services are communications between aircraft and ground conveyed through data links, complementing the traditional voice communications of air traffic control.

EU Budget for the Future: Connecting Europe Facility

Regarding transport investments, the Connecting Europe Facility (CEF) has been recognised as delivering European added value and the EU continues to invest in connectivity and in connecting Europe.

New high speed rail lines in France

On 1 July 2017, two new high speed rail lines Paris-Bordeaux and Paris-Rennes were inaugurated in the presence of President Emmanuel Macron and Minister Nicolas Hulot. Bordeaux is now at only 2 hours and 4 minutes from Paris and Rennes at only 1 hour and 25 minutes from Paris. Both regional capitals expect to see important economic returns from these new connections.

Michael Garvens

"Cologne Bonn Airport – as one of the most important passenger and freight traffic locations in Germany – is located in a border region right in the heart of Europe. Without the common European Single Market, the growth of the aviation sector and our airport’s prosperous development would not have been achieved. In addition, far-reaching air transport agreements removed obstacles and facilitated continental and transatlantic traffic – something we would likewise welcome for growing markets around the world."

Stefan Schulte

“The EU Internal Market is one of the great achievements of the European Union – benefiting also, and in particular, air travel and the aviation industry. The higher mobility gained thanks to the Internal Market for Aviation enables us to experience the very idea of Europe day by day and makes it more tangible to all European citizens. By harnessing this spirit, we should remain committed towards the creation of a united Europe.”

Vincent De Vroey

“The Single Aviation Market is a true success story which indirectly has also acted as an engine of growth and job creation for the European aeronautical industry. Moreover, EU funded research programmes such as Cleansky and SESAR are helping to ensure the continued technological leadership of the EU industry.”

Ralph Beisel

"Over the last 25 years, the EU's Internal Market for Aviation has given an incredible boost to connecting people and companies across Europe, to the great benefit of every EU citizen. As a consequence, airports have become even more important economic drivers. It is now time to further extend connectity with the rest of the world!“ Ralph Beisel, Chief Executive Director, German Airports Association ADV"

Jean-Marc Janaillac

"It’s a great pride that Air France-KLM was the first European transnational Group to emerge. This was made possible thanks to the successful creation of the single aviation market 25 years ago. We were then pioneers and showed the way for more European and cross border integration. We are confident that in the next 25 years we will continue to make it even safer, efficient and fair, following European values, and that we will continue this development for the benefit of all Europeans."

Jost Lammers

"The EU's Internal Market for Aviation has revolutionized intra-European air travel, and, as a consequence, airports are becoming real economic drivers, equally serving national and European interests."

Henrik Hololei

"One of the tangible benefits that EU has brought to its citizens is air connectivity. The growth in EU aviation over the past quarter of a century has been phenomenal. Hundreds of millions of people have benefited from air travel thanks to the bold decision to liberalise the aviation market 25 years ago. It has opened up new opportunities and positively changed lives. Europe is at its best when taking bold, forward looking decisions for the future!"


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