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Operation and traffic management

Operation and traffic management

On matters of Operation and traffic management DG MOVE on one hand develops the OPE TSI and follows its implementation by Member States through the NIP reports and on the other hand collaborates with the sector to remove barriers to international rail traffic, among others  through the Rail Technical Operational Issues Logbook.


In order to assess the implementation of the TSI OPE, Member States have the legal obligation under Article 3d(2) of Regulation (EU) 2015/995 to report on their implementation plans and progress in the form of a National Implementation Plan (NIP). This information is then put together in a NIP report that assesses the state of play throughout the. This report will be published soon.

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Rail Technical Operational Issues Logbook

The Rail Technical Operational Issues Logbook was set up to list and review the technical issues that cause the most problems to cross border rail operations and develop suitable actions to help with improvement.

The Issues raised in the logbook mainly arise from international operations on Rail Freight Corridors (RFC). In order to identify progress and choose priorities, DG MOVE organises meetings with the RFCs, the Railway Undertaking Dialogue (RUD) and the Platform of Rail Infrastructure Managers in Europe (PRIME).

The first of these meetings was held at EC premises on the 15th of May 2018 and resulted in the publication of the first version of the Issues Logbook and its accompanying documents.

FileRail Technical Operational Issues Logbook

PDF iconRail Technical Operational Issues Logbook Explanatory Document