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The Orient - East Med Corridor

The Orient - East Med Corridor

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The main generic link where information on the complete corridor can be found is:

Orient-East Med Corridor, which runs along the  Prague-Vienna / Bratislava-Budapest – Bucharest - Constanta and – Vidin – Sofia – Thessaloniki - Athens  axis, is run by cooperation, common work and efforts of the railway Infrastructure Manager and Capacity-Allocation companies from seven countries the corridor runs through.



Corridor organization

The operative bodies of the corridor were established by partly following Regulation 913/2010/EU on rail freight corridors, and partly with a view to the practical needs of corridor work.

All data related to the corridor organization can be found at:

The Executive Board, established by the Ministers in charge of transport in the countries involved, is highest level body assigned to the corridor. The Executive Board makes its decisions based  mutual consent by its members.

The Infrastructure Managers and Capacity Allocation companies are part of the Management Board. The members are:

  • ÖBB Infrastructure (Austria)
  • SZDC (Czech Republic)
  • ZSR (Slovak Republic)
  • MÁV (Hungary)
  • Gysev Raaberbahn (Hungary)
  • VPE, Hungarian rail capacity allocation office (Hungary)
  • CFR (Romania)
  • NRIC (Bulgaria)
  • OSE (Greece)

The Management Board is the main operative corridor body, its members have to make fundamental decisions and so they frequently hold meetings and make their decisions on the basis of members’ mutual consent.

Given the volume and types of tasks identified by the MB, it was decided to set up six Working Groups and a Secretariat to support its work.

Further information about working and advisory groups can be found at:

The general operation of the corridor, facts, capacity allocation etc., can be found in a general document called ‘Corridor Information Document’ (CID). This and other documents are available on this link: