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Towards quality inland waterway transport – State of Play

Towards quality inland waterway transport – State of Play


The European Commission has published today a mid-term progress report on the EU inland waterway action programme - also known as NAIADES II - and a report on digital inland navigation (DINA). The NAIADES II progress report highlights that most of the foreseen actions regarding regulations, policy and financing have been achieved and it further identifies on-going actions until 2020 for further implementation of the NAIADES II programme.



The NAIADES II mid-term report presents progress achieved up to 2017 and the on-going actions for implementing NAIADES II until 2020. The report specifically focused on the six key areas of intervention:

  1. Quality infrastructure
  2. Quality through innovation
  3. Smooth functioning of the market
  4. Environmental quality through low emissions
  5. Skilled workforce and quality jobs
  6. Integration of inland navigation into the multimodal logistics chain

The NAIADES II action programme aims at creating the conditions for inland navigation transport to become a quality mode of transport. It was announced in 2013.


Digital Inland Navigation

The report on Digital Inland Navigation follows up on the 'Digital Inland Waterway Area' study from October 2017. The report helps framing the discussion on the digitalisation of the inland waterways transport sector in order to seek synergies and improving interoperability in logistics and freight transport across Europe. It describes existing initiatives and tools in the area in an integrated way, including the findings of the previous study and ongoing Commission initiatives.


More information

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