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Performance Review Body

Performance Review Body

The Performance Review Body (PRB) is an advisory body to the European Commission. It assists the Commission and national supervisory authorities in the implementation of the performance scheme for air navigation services.

Regular updates on the activities of the PRB are published on the Single Sky website.


PRB Members

The current mandate of the PRB runs from 2019 until 2021. The PRB is made up of nine expert members, including the Chair.


PRB tasks

The tasks of the PRB are outlined in Article 3 of the Commission Implementing Regulation (EU) No 390/2013.

The chair and the members of the Performance Review Body are appointed by the Commission for a fixed term.

The PRB statutory documents are published on the Single Sky website: rules of procedures, data management plan, modalities of cooperation with national supervisory authorities and working arrangements with air navigation service providers, airport operators, airport coordinators and air carriers are also published.

The tasks of the PRB include:

  • the collection, examination, validation and dissemination of relevant data for the performance of air navigation services and network functions;
  • the selection or adaptation of key performance areas;
  • definition of key performance indicators and indicators for monitoring;
  • the setting and revision of Union-wide performance target;
  • the establishment of the baseline values, alert thresholds, and comparator groups established in the performance and charging scheme;
  • the assessment of the consistency of draft national or FAB performance targets with the Union-wide performance targets and the review of draft performance plans, including verification of their completeness;
  • the verification of the draft Network Performance Plan;
  • the assessment of revised performance targets and of the corrective measures taken by the Member States concerned, where appropriate;
  • the monitoring of the performance of air navigation services, including investment and capital expenditure, at Union, national and FAB level;
  • the monitoring of the performance of the network functions;
  • the assessment of the information received from the national supervisory authorities for the purpose of monitoring the performance of the European ATM network;
  • the assessment of the achievement of the performance targets during the reference period;
  • the maintenance and support in the coordination of a stakeholder consultation calendar concerning performance plans and the consultation requirements established in the Regulation.

The PRB may also report and make recommendations to the Commission for improvement of the scheme.

As regards relations with national supervisory authorities (NSA), the PRB

  • obtains the necessary information from NSAs in relation to the performance plans, for the purpose of monitoring of the overall performance of the European ATM network;
  • assists NSAs upon their request by providing an independent view of performance issues, including benchmarking, performance trend analysis, analysis of projections;
  • assists NSAs upon their request in local target setting.

The PRB also supports the competent authorities on their request in assessing the noise situation at airports for which they are responsible, in accordance with Regulation (EU) No 598/2014.

The PRB cooperates with the European Aviation Safety Agency (EASA) in the performance of its tasks when they relate to safety.