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Boost aviation safety by supporting the European Just Culture Declaration

Boost aviation safety by supporting the European Just Culture Declaration

In the presence of Commissioner Bulc representatives from the European air industry signed a European Corporate Just Culture Declaration , aiming at delivering a safer aviation system. In it, signatories commit to build an atmosphere of trust in which staff are confident to report safety events and occurrences even when they have made honest mistakes (also known as "Just Culture").

Just Culture has a direct impact on lowering incidents and preventing aircraft accidents. European Commissioner for Transport Violeta Bulc said "The safety of European citizens is at the heart of the Commission's transport policy. By making Just Culture a reality, this declaration will strengthen our global leadership in aviation safety. Its elaboration through a dialogue between the employers and staff representatives, facilitated by the Commission, is also an excellent illustration of the better regulation agenda of this Commission."

The European Just Culture Declaration: key principles for implementing a Just culture in the European industry

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Just Cuture conference (1 October 2015)


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  1. Mrs Violeta Bulc, European Commissioner for Transport
  2. Mr Henrik Hololei, Director-General for Mobility and Transport, European Commission
  3. Mr Koen De Vos, EC
  4. Mrs Mia Wouters, Professor University of Ghent / Of counsel LVP Law
  5. Mr Jules Kneepkens, TEASAS, Director
  6. Miss Tamara Pejovic, EUROCONTROL Performance Expert
  7. Mr Rafal Rowinski, European Commission, DG RTD - Policy Officer for Transport Research Policy
  8. Mr Andy Evans, Aerossurance Limited (Director)
  9. Miss Alexandra Franco, OGMA - SMS Implementation and Control
  10. Mr jean-jacques Woeldgen, EC
  11. Costas Christoforou, IFATSEA
  12. Mr Ian Herbert, CEO Vistair Systems
  13. Mr Stuart McKie-Smith, SVP Flight Safety, Vistair Systems
  14. Mr Sebestyen Pater, General Directorate for Civil Aviation (Hungary), Legal Counsel
  15. Mr Jaime Arque, European Helicopter Association (EHA). Chairman
  17. Mr Don Cockrill, Chairman - United Kingdom Maritime Pilots' Association
  18. Mr Alessandro Floriani, Sirio S.p.A. - Safety Manager
  19. Mrs Mutsumi Saga-Walsh, Aer Lingus
  20. Mr Tomislav Kastela, Croatian Civil Aviation Agency, Inspector - ANS
  21. Mr Dirk Vrebos, VP Operations - Brussels Airlines
  22. Mr FAISAL ALZAHRANI, GACA / Project Manager
  23. Mr Tomasz Balcerzak, Polish Aviation Club (Polski Klub Lotniczy)
  24. Miss Philippine Dumoulin
  25. Mr Tomasz Balcerzak, Polish Aviation Club, President
  26. Mr Santiago Haya-Leiva, EASA
  27. Mr Norbert Lohl, Copernicus CSC Managing Director
  28. Mrs Fran Pinies, SEPLA SRS Manager
  29. Mr Brian Fogarty, IALPA (HUPER representative)
  30. Mr Filip Reynaert, ASL NV, Safety Manager
  31. Mr Claudio Daniel Caceres, Continuous Safety Switzerland
  32. Mrs Maria Osman, Sudan Civil Aviation Authority/ Aviation Safety Department/ Air Navigation Regulatory Directorate/ Khartoum/Sudan
  33. Mr Abid Ullah, WWEZ Public Relation Manager
  34. Mr Fernando Díaz Montero, FSAI - Federación de Sindicatos Aeronáuticos Independientes - Secretary General
  35. Mr Fernando Díaz Montero, CSPA - Confederación de Sindicatos Profesionales Aéreos - Secretary General
  36. Mr Peter Jewell, Human Factors / CRM Facilitator
  37. Mr Francis Schubert, skyguide - Chief Corporate Officer
  38. Mr Antonio Guerrero, ENAIRE (Head of Promotion and Safety Culture Department)
  39. Mr Thibault Demoulin, Brussels Airlines
  40. Mr Peter Norton, CEO British Helicopter Association
  41. Mr Sten Verpalen, The Netherlands Guild of Air Traffic Controllers (VNLG)
  42. Mr Dirk Adriaenssens, Brussels Airlines. Safety & Compliance Monitoring Manager
  43. Mr Jean-Michel Fobe, Secretary General Royal Belgian Aeroclub - Partner Sybarius
  44. Mr Joeri De Ruytter, Honeywell Aerospace
  45. Mr moses nhachi, caaz Senior air traffic control officer
  46. Mr Dirk de Jong, ATC The Netherlands; ATMexpert
  47. Mr Barry Kirwan, EUROCONTROL
  48. Mr Øyvind Reitan, Venua Consulting, Consultant and Owner
  49. Miss Louise Keogh, Norwegian Air International / Safety Manager Cabin Operations
  50. Mr Charles Boyle, Nautilus International - Director of Legal Services
  51. Mr Georg Hasslinger, European Commission, Policy Officer
  52. Mr Iakovos Alafouzos, Artion Development. Founder & CEO
  53. Georgio Tsiprianis, hellenic pilots association
  54. Mr Rafael Teijo Gundin, SEPLA Technical Department
  55. Mr Eduardo Cadenas
  56. Mr Alvaro Gammicchia, ECA Executive Board Director Technical Affairs
  57. Mr Livius Buzdugan, ROMATSA (MET expert)
  58. Mr Bentley Buxton, Atlantic Aviation Group; Quality Assurance Inspector
  59. Mr Giulio Cacciatore, Aero Club of Italy - Director General
  60. Mr Eduardo Garcia, CANSO, Manager European ATM Coordination and Safety
  61. Mr Brian Fogarty, Irish airline pilot association
  62. Mr Johan Westin, Malmö Aviation, VP Flight Operations
  63. Mr Gerhard Coetzee, Air Astana: SVP Corproate Safety Compliance
  64. Mrs Anna Kolmas, Civil Aviation Office, Poland, Director
  65. Mr Billy Josefsson, LFV ANSP, Manager Automation & Human Performance
  66. Mr Sertan Yerli, TAI - SMS Office
  67. Mr Harry Horvath,
  68. Mr Stephane De Wolf, Aerodit
  69. Mr Michael Maes, EuroUSC-Benelux
  70. Mrs Fran Pinies, SRS Safety Repot SEPLA
  71. Mr Jurgen De Clercq, ATSEP Belgium
  72. Mrs Justine Piret, European Commission, DG Mobility and Transport
  74. Mr Angel Sanchez, Captain B737
  75. Mr Alejandro Valiente, Airnostrum (First Officer ATR 72-600)
  76. Mr Andrzej Fellner, Civil Aviation Personnel Education Centre of Central and Eastern Europe, Silesian University of Technology
  77. Mr Rafael Orozco Martín, Coyotair, Captain
  78. Mr Andres Timon Ayuso, Iberia, Captain A320
  79. Mr Juan Pont, Captain
  80. Mrs Dr. Michaela Schwarz, Austro Control GmbH
  81. Mr ABBAS MAJEED, Legal offic
  82. Mr Chris Moody, RAM Aerospace Consultancy
  83. Mr Conor Nolan, Aer Lingus Corporate Safety & Risk Manager
  84. Mr ILIAS PANAGOPOULOS, Safety Manager at NATO Airlift Management Programme
  85. Mr Djani Bodlovic, & ESSI/EHEST
  86. Mrs Ellen Townsend, ETSC
  87. Mr Jan Helderman, NATO Airlift Management Programme / Quality Manager
  88. Mr Vjeran Gamulin, Air traffic controller in Croatia Control Ltd.
  89. Mr Paolo Petrosso, AgustaWestland Training Academy - Accountable Manager
  90. Mr Casper Ransborg, VP DATCA
  91. Mr ATHANASIOS BINIS, Chairman of Hellenic Air Accident Investigation & Aviation Safety Board
  92. Mrs Maria Osman, Sudan Civil Aviation Authority/ Aviation Safety Department/ Air Navigation Regulatory Directorate/ Khartoum/Sudan
  93. Mr Hessel van der Maten, Copa Airlines, Flight Safety Manager
  95. Mrs mohammed asif khan, mak aviation ltd
  96. Mr Bob van Asselt, Human Factor and Safety Management Trainer
  97. Milenko Bucalovic, Ecos pilot school
  98. Mrs Ljiljana Dolenc, Ecos pilot school
  99. Mr Miljenko Kniewald, Ecos pilot school
  100. Mr Carlos Cavero, President of Aprocta (Spanish Association of Air Traffic Controllers)