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The SESAR Joint Undertaking

The SESAR Joint Undertaking

The SESAR Joint Undertaking is an initiative of the European Commission established by Council Regulation (EC) n°219/2007 of 27/02/2007, under Article 171 of the Treaty establishing the European Community. The Council of the European Union has adopted on 16/12/2008 an amendment to Regulation (EC) 219/2007 establishing the SESAR Joint Undertaking. With this amendment, the SESAR JU is formally recognised as a Community body aligning its statute with other similar joint undertakings established for the "Clean sky", "EMI", "ENIAC", "Artemis" and "Hydrogen fuel cells" initiatives.

On 31/12/2008, the Council Regulation (EC) No 1361/2008 of 16 December 2008 amending Regulation (EC) No 219/2007 on the establishment of a joint undertaking to develop the new generation European air traffic management system (SESAR) has been published in the Official Journal of the European Union (L 352/12).

In December 2008, the SESAR JU launched the final phase for accession to membership .

The aim of the Joint Undertaking is to ensure the modernisation of the European air traffic management system by federating research & development efforts in the Community.

It will organise and coordinate the development activities of the SESAR project, in accordance with the ATM Master Plan.

The Joint Undertaking will in particular perform the following tasks:

  • Secure the appropriate funding for the Programme, and concentrate all relevant European R&D resources into SESAR.
  • Define and update the SESAR work programme, in accordance with work progress. The work programme will be organised into detailed work packages, for which the Joint Undertaking will either:
    • Allocate tasks and responsibilities to its members
    • Organise calls for tender
  • Organise calls for tender
  • Ensure consistency, efficiency and technical progress on all items of the work programme.
  • Report on the development phase results, and prepare relevant actions for the implementation of these results.

The Joint Undertaking has a legal personality. It shall cease to exist 8 years after an endorsement by the Council of the European Air Traffic Management Master Plan.

Associate Partners

On the basis of the decision of its Administrative Board dated 15 January 2010, the SJU invited its Members, operationally involved in the SESAR Programme, to submit proposals for the selection of “Associate Partner(s) of SJU Members” (hereinafter referred to as the “Associate Partner(s)”). Associate Partners shall not have the status of members of the SESAR Joint Undertaking.

The SJU Administrative Board shall take the final decision on which candidates will be accepted as Associate Partners in accordance with the criteria established in the invitation.

The maximum number of Associate Partners shall be limited, in principle, to fifteen (15) legal entities.

The deadline for the submission of the proposals by SJU Members for the selection of Associate Partner(s) has been extended from 12 April to 17 May 2010 at noon (Brussels time).

Any private/public entity interested in becoming an Associate Partner of an SJU Member is invited to contact directly one of the SJU Members (

Please note that candidatures may only be presented through SJU Members. Interested parties may not submit applications directly to the SESAR Joint Undertaking.